Thursday, October 29, 2009

Oh girl!

I don't like to be played, because I don't like to play around. I just don't understand whenever I like someone, why they have to play all sorts of game with me? Playing hard to get, playing nice, playing this playing that and I have no goddamn idea why. Where did they get these all from anyway?

I just wanna give him a hard time, that's all.
Like, really? Is that your intention? You wanna see how far we would go for you? Do you think you're worth that much, that we guys are the only one who needs to do everything to make you girls fall for us? By giving us hard time? Does it mean that you'll give us men hard time throughout our lives?

He's nice, but I'm still not ready to be in serious relationship.
Well well well, how nice of you ladies to say that. So what are we, some part-time call-boy to you? You call or you meet us whenever you don't have anyone else to see? Just because you know we are so into you, it's just perfect to keep us like a genie in the bottle.

I don't know if he's really sincere or really into me.
It doesn't matter! If guys make some effort to show or express our feelings by mere words or actions, take it as it is! Men are straight forward. We want girls, we say it.

I wanna take things slowly.
What are you, amputated? How slow do you want to do it? Guys like things to be fast. Race, 100 meter dash, rempits, cars, horse, fast stuff. We don't watch 200-episode-a-year Indonesian drama-mama. We go straight to the point. It's not how slow or how fast you go to get to know a man or to get into relationship, it's what do you know about him.

I wanna make sure I'm making the right decision.
Who are you, God? There's no right or wrong, only consequences. Yes, consequences are what you afraid of. But how do you know you're making a so-called right or wrong decision if you don't make A DECISION? Point is, there will always be sequence of consequences. You can always move around and make use of whatever that comes in the way.

Actually, I have a boyfriend, but I'm considering him as a replacement.
Get the fuck out of here. As much as you hate guys that treat you as our second girlfriend, so do we.

I'm writing this because I hate to be in this situation. Gosh can't you see that I am really into you? Can't you see that I'm serious? Can't you see that I'm sincere? You can't? That's why I'm telling you NOW. You know who you are.

Dem yuh!


hazim said...

i dont buy this i dont like you for your money and looks and so on shit. obviously it plays a part. girls just like to talk shit, they dont even know what they want. girls are just like variables, they are constantly changing. you cant listen to all the shit that they say, cos the next day it will be different.

Budak Nakal said...

Hazim: That's the first one from you. Wow. Yes most women constantly have some sort of behavioral inconsistency but that's why they are made for men. To mess around with us ha ha ha.

What important is, the outlook you are looking at. You can see her as a solid wall, or you can see the gap in between her so-called wall. You can see a girl as a problem, or you can take her as a challenge. It's how you look at it.

Anyway, I find it funny because I keep playing along with all their game. I dance if they want me to. It's fine, just dance if at the end of the day, you get the prize.

Macham Iz Punye said...

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