Sunday, November 22, 2009

Don't TELL anybody...

I was interviewed by TELL Magazine.

He he he.

This thing happened a while ago. Can't remember, July maybe? I found these pictures while I was browsing, cleaning my laptop's hard-disk space. I need more space to add more porn.

Nothing much to tell, I was called to be interviewed on my sneakers collection, which was (and still is) embarrassing because my collection sucks balls. Can a 30-or-so pairs can be considered as A COLLECTION?


But I think it's okay to me, since I am passionate about it, and my collections are intimate and sort of a personal to me; I only buy what I really like not just for the sake of adding up to my collection. I used to have like over 50 pairs few years ago, when I never thought of other commitments and just spend I-don't-care-if-I-don't-eat kinda mentality. On a brighter side, my collection is over 5% of the DJ AM's 900++ sneakers collection, not bad considering I am not Nicole Ritchie's fiance nor I am a DJ. It's on a charity auction by the way, CLICK HERE.

It's nine in the Sunday morning now, I just don't wanna write longer. I'm going out soon for another weekend-fixer.

Yes you can enlarge by click, just like my dick!

Good Morning, People.

Yes, not only WOMEN.

His Royal Naughtyness

One of the Komodo Ninja Hype Clan, Kwee Jin was guilty as charged too

Blah blah blah yada yada yada.

I had to scan the magazine pages.

There were plenty of typos in the article i.e the name of the shoes, MY OWN NAME, and some misleading on the information. But fuck it people just don't really care about anything these days anyway. Plus the interviewer was really cute (even though she's married - that's what she told me - demmit is that a way to tell me to FUCK OFF?) so I cut her some slacks.

Dem yuh!


aaa? said...

salam bro, bleh share skit tak tips2 nak mendapatkan kasut2 yg hangggatzzzz?

Budak Nakal said...


Just buy what you like man. It doesn't matter if the shoes are 'hanggggatzzzz' or not.

Wear the shoes, don't let the shoes 'wear' you.

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