Thursday, November 12, 2009

Quirky Things About Me (That Some People Don't Get)?

Ripped this from hiddie's blog. She ripped it from somebody else, and that somebody else ripped it from somebody somebody else and so on.

Frankly, I was never keen on doing this list but I kept thinking, human are unique, and why not we share some things with others? It'll make the world a more beautiful place to live in.

Sometimes, some things are just quirky.
  1. I am obsessed with shoes, especially sneakers. I love footsie.
  2. I choose my attire starting from shoes, then shirts/tops. It has to match. Then only the pants/jeans. Accessories are optional.
  3. I MUST take a dump every morning before I go out or else I'll be swinging mood like a baseball bat.
  4. While I shit every morning, I multitask. I brush my teeth with left hand and shampoo my hair with right hand. Saves a few minutes but trains my brain to work simultaneously. I wish I can do something with both my legs at the same time like brushing the toilet floor and shave my balls.
  5. I boil water every morning and fill all the empty bottles. Actually every free time. I have some sort of paranoia, I'll be panicked if there's no clean water to drink in the house.
  6. When I go to gym, I refuse/avoid to talk to anyone as in strangers, or make friends unless it's a hot bombshell. I need those hours to think, or to not think at all.
  7. I MUST listen to Ryuichi Sakamoto's Bibo No Aozora before I go to sleep.
  8. If you want my ideas, get me some weed. I'll mindfuck you to your bones.
  9. I learn piano because I want to learn how to control 10 fingers, both legs, and my eyes at the same time, playing the same music, but in different movements and timing. Seriously, piano mindfucked me.
  10. I love to mindfuck myself. It's like playing chess on your own, against yourself. One part of the brain is trying to win over the other. How fucked up is that?
  11. I am fascinated by HUMAN BEHAVIOR. I love to profile people. Just profiling, not judging. I want to be a MENTALIST.
  12. I am fascinated by WORDS. Punch-lines, mostly.
  13. I am terrified with SNAKES. I almost passed out every goddamn time I see a snake.
  14. I am trying so hard to overcome that fear. I think one day I'll just jump into a pool of snakes and see if I'll still be alive after 5 seconds.
  15. I'm an adrenaline junkie. I love the idea of living on the edge.
  16. I can't differentiate left and right if you ask me instantly i.e while driving. I repeat, instantly. I'm not that retarded okay. I got that from my ex-girlfriend. Thank you, at least there's something about you that I inherit.
  17. I can smoke 20 sticks of cigarettes a day, for months or years, and stop the next day, for months or years, with minute withdrawal symptoms. I smoke to socialize. I socialize every day, because I am a human. Stop smoking cigarettes or even weed, or even join a gangster clan, or play poker ONLINE! Get a fucking life.
  18. I bet to lose. I give presents to people not to hope that one day I'll receive something back in return from them. But I did/gave it because I don't know if I'll ever see them again tomorrow.
  19. I love my friends but I know friendships come and go. I don't overdo my friendship. If they want to stay friends with me, I really appreciate it and keep them safe and happy with me. If not, I just let go. It'll be much easier to be friends with little expectation. But I do have a few REAL FRIENDS though.
  20. I can live alone. I can. I don't feel anything if no one calls or texts me for days. I think I want to go to a place where I lost my sense in communication and direction, and see if I can make it out.
  21. I am a quirk.

Some get it, some don't.
Some will, some won't.
Those that do, do.
Those that don't, they just don't.

Dem yuh!

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