Thursday, November 26, 2009

Juicy love?

Remember a few days ago I had this one experiment + survey about good morning drinks. Tried again two days ago.

This time;

Who wants some pulpy, tasty fresh juicy love? (Version 18SX)

BETTER than Nescafe Ais tin biru macam cantik tapi rasa haram.

But there's a catch; my throat felt very the kelat one, the after-taste I mean. Shit I don't know what kelat is in English. Aren't we suppose to learn somewhat 10 new words everyday? I'm such an ignorant fuck. But the kelat tasted like a morning French kiss with your partner before you brush your teeth. Sexy.

Not the best though. The drink I mean, not the French kiss. Still in search of the best morning drink from a convenient store not very nearby from your house.

Dem yuh!

p/s- Selamat berperang esok dengan lembu-lembu, unta padang pasir, serta haiwan-haiwan berkaki empat yang sudah baligh.


Sara Ahmad said...

Try Peel Fresh Orange instead. The taste for Tropicana Orange may be too overpowering, even for me.

Juices are always refreshing in the morning.

Budak Nakal said...

I've tried that Peel Fresh Orange last night while watching El Classico match. Freeze them in the freezer compartment for about half and hour, until it's half-iced (like ice blended), shake, and drink.


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