Monday, November 16, 2009

Respon: keluh kesah bersama kak esah.

I received an email, from one anonymous sender only wants to be known as Kak Esah. Here's what Kak Esah had to say about my post.

Here we go.

1:38 PM (3 hours ago)

Warning: may burn you. Hihi.

So I have read some of ur stories. U met this lady with some pretty eyes or sumthing. U fell for her. she sorta fell for u. u walked in the rain. Nice. Cute even. Then.. the usual happens. I tak tau la wat actually happened to you. Let say this is the scenario.

Boy meets girl.
Girl show some interest.
Walked in the rain.
Guy so happy n blog about it.
Girl no longer interested.
Guy blog about it.
Guy sad or angry (depends on how the person interprets ur blog)

Ya see, u seem to go thru life in a loop. u meet girl. Fell FAST n HARD. Girl no longer interested. NEXT! U have a very beautiful mind. But I think its too much for a girl to handle. Men are suppose to be simple being. But I don’t think ur one of em. Ur special. U mindfuck(quote from u) ppl everyday. U play with emotions. U ask too many questions. U have ur vision. That is actually a thing but YA THINK TOO MUCH. U analyze too much. Ur mind is like a girl’s mind. So stop. If u want to get this girl. Stop being a girl urself. I mean ur mindlah. Tak payah berfalsafah dpn dia. wat she wants is a movie, dinner, date, stupid talk. Jokes. Hugss kisses depending on which social level the girl is la jgk. Hahahaha.

So ur questions…my answers. Just my two cents. If u cant accept it, im still just another anonymous blogger.

OCTOBER QUESTIONS: blog number(-) date oct 29 2009.

I just wanna give him a hard time, that's all.
Hey guess wat..tak pon sbrnyer..bukan a hard time, just not sure.
Betul ke dia ni suker aku? Nnti syok sendiri? Nanti terluka bla bla.
And it doesnt help pon yg those self-help books teach us to “test the water first” or books with titles of HE’s just not into you..takot siol nak suka over2. lol.
Lelaki pon buat benda yg sama.

He's nice, but I'm still not ready to be in serious relationship.
Sama cam lelaki jugak. She’s just not THAT into you. Nak hang out? Jom. Your nice. I like. But not like like. Duhh. Take a hint.

I don't know if he's really sincere or really into me.
Did you really tell her you love her? Did you? Really? So ape respond? Teragak2? Guess what…dia tak sure that you’re the one for her and still nk tunggu for someone that MAY be better than you. Please note that when a girl hesitate, she has issues..ABOUT YOU. Yeah you. Mcm citer pokok dlm hutan tu lah..go read that..lelaki pempuan..SAMA. so tny diri sendiri saje.

I wanna take things slowly.
Ok maybe she is into you. Dah date, dah rempit together dah bersilat and watnot, but nk take things slowly. So rileksla. Jgnla ajak dia kawin bulan depan ok? Not retarded, just careful.

I wanna make sure I'm making the right decision.
Pempuan ni taulah. Byk btul dlm otak dia. fikir itu ini. This goes back to the above, wanna take things slowly. Dia masih teragak2. like asking a person to marry u la..trus kata yes ke mcm pause then oowhh yesss…body language. Take note.

Actually, I have a boyfriend, but I'm considering him as a replacement.
No comment on this. Lelaki pempuan..semua buat benda yg sama..too bad klu terkena kat diri kita. So chill, pick up urself, and move on.

Summary, klu lu dah ckp lu suka perempuan tu like face to face n confess segala cinta yg terbuku and she still buat segala yg tertera di atas…MOVE ON.



Well, I honestly don't know whether this Kak Esah is on the same team or not. Kind of outspoken, but very much appreciated. At least this Kak Esah gave his/her opinions. Yes I don't know if Kak Esah is a lady or a drag queen.

What say you?

I say:

Dem yuh!


hiddie said...

kak esah is a drag queen! haha

Budak Nakal said...

I mean, the way Kak Esah writes, you can't help but having a second thoughts!

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