Saturday, November 14, 2009

No regret.

How would you feel if someone you like, someone who you'd do almost anything for her, is taking you for granted? She'd just come knocking on you whenever she feels like, and just go whenever she wants to. One day she'll be very attentive and caring and loving, next day she treats you like you're "just a friend".

We're just friends.


And all of these mixed signals are just too tiring for me to keep up with. I mean, what games are you playing on me girl? How did you find this "games for days"?

Jaga saham.


I don't have any saham to jaga now that's why.

If I'm just a friend to you, just tell me straight in my face so I don't have to keep dreaming of you every first, every second and every third of my day. If you only want me to make you happy when you need it, appoint me as your official JOKER, I can do that for you.

Because I'd do almost anything for you.

It's never enough. It never will be. Human always try to push their luck slightly further than what they deserve. Yes, some of them did get it, probably around 10%. The rest, just fell into the big pool. What a pity.

Whatever it is, I know deep down in my heart, I am being honest to myself and to her. I have no regrets.

Dem mi!

1 comment:

hiddie said...

umm i assume she didnt jump in the lake, did she?


im sorry and i apologize on behalf of thousands of selfish girls out there.

yup i admit, girls are selfish. ive been there. we want you to strip naked, lay down your all and STILL be skeptical.

truth is, security is a big issue for us. all we ever want is to feel safe.

but we will never know if we dont try. right?

so girls, we gotta stop being selfish. give these gentlemen a credit. you have to. dont make them stop believing.

cuz most of them did, and are happily dating other men. (i kid you not)

lets stop being cold and bitter. its not cool anymore.

all the best of luck, friend :)


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