Saturday, February 20, 2010

INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS: The Lost Art of the Film

I have to admit, Inglourious Basterds is one of my favourite films now, an addition to my all-time favourite films (you can check some of it HERE). I may be biased since I'm heavily influenced by Quentin Tarantino films - Reservoir fucking Dogs, Pulp fucking Fiction, Kill fucking Bill and Death fucking Proof.

What I like about Mr. Tarantino, or Quent, as he constantly insisted me to call him, about his films is that the films are raw, and almost seem crude. Not forgetting the memorable dialogues along with a mouthful profanity are some of the way I like it.

Anyway, not to linger on Quent too much, I wanna feature an event called The Lost Art of Inglourious Basterds. This is a charity event sales to help raise money for the victims of the Haiti earthquake.

There are 13 artworks done by 13 accomplished artists, based on their interpretation of the film itself.

Each of this giclée print artwork will be numbered and signed by Quent himself, and only six original artworks per artist will be sold for USD300 a pop and it's limited to one buyer per artwork. Remember, it's for the charity. Sad news are, it's only available at Upper Playground Los Angeles so phone orders and web orders will not be accepted. And, the event was held two days ago (February 18th 2010).

Check the fantastic artworks below:

If you had the chance, which one WOULD you buy and present as a gift to your mother? Tough choice, eh?

Dem yuh!

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