Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentine Mode #3: Know your man, better.

First of all, praise to God The Almighty for who or what we are - men or women, human or animal, that we are balanced with strengths and weaknesses, equally. What is more important is how we exhaust our strengths and weaknesses the right and the wise way for the better future - not just for ourselves, but for our next generations, for the human race, and for the world where we live.

So that we would understand each other better, or more precisely, so that women understand we men better:

1. If your man is isolating himself, that means he is under great amount of stress. It may came from his workplace, it may be his car, or unsurprisingly may be your behaviors around him. However, worry not; it is only for a short period.

2. Emotion to men is just like solid rubber; it will go back to its shape even though it was squeezed and twisted under extreme condition. On the contrary, emotion to women, under a great amount of stress, reacts like waves; it never calms, even if it does, takes time.

3. When your man wants to be left alone and to be in silence, it is because his image is torn. The best way is to let him be; do not try to act smart by approaching him, hoping to talk him out of his current state of mind. Sometimes, men need some time alone to calm down before he takes the next steps. Women in the other hand tend to get upset, angry and sulk easily when faced this kind of situation. Wrong move.

4. Men normally adapt to his difficulties, unlike women. Do not be too worry if under these circumstances your man acts as if he wants to distance himself from you because naturally men feels comfortable that way. Quite the opposite, compared to women, isn’t it?


5. This is truly fascinating. God made men and women completely different; different needs, different mentality, different desires, totally on the opposite. But when they are bonded, it creates a synergy; both strengths and weaknesses complimenting each other in a very unique and mysterious way.

6. Do not seek perfection, seek understanding.

7. Men think macro perspective, as opposed to women. So do not wonder, sometimes your man paid less attention to a problem you THOUGHT is immense. You have cried a river and he has yet to drop a single tear.

8. In any quarrel, men normally stand to his point and his ego to the last bit while women will naturally give away the fight and pretend to agree for the sake of the relationship. Do not feel too bad, men are made that way; we have a winning mentality and often want to be seen as a winner although deep down our hearts, we admit our mistakes and we are willing to make some changes. Even the truth is you women are right and you have not done nothing wrong, just put the fight to an end by apologize. You want your man to do it? Bad idea. Men are known to not say sorry especially to our woman.

9. One more thing women should know about men – We love to give orders. We are born with the delusion of being in power. Do not resist nor challenge, just go with the flow and you women can do what you want to do as long as you listen to his orders. But beware, know your limit, otherwise it will get worse.

Dem yuh!

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