Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine Mode #4: Games for days.

What we lack in a relationship are usually the fun parts. The little things, remember?

I like to play games. I like to ask questions. I like to tease. I like to joke. I like to clown. There are many sort of games to be played, or can be played. You can rank it from 1 (the silliest) to 10 (the most intimate), up to you.

Basically, the purpose of playing games with your partner is to get to know each other better. Some things can be asked directly, but some need to be asked in a different way, you can't ask directly, for example, "What colour(s) do you like?" I mean, that's just plain boring, no?

For instance, you already know your partner likes certain colours i.e BLACK and WHITE (even though I'm not too sure if both are categorised as COLOUR). Or you know your partner likes Thai and Mamak food, because it's the easiest we can here even in the wee hours. Normally, once you are in a relationship, you already know more or less the basic information about your partner.

Now, I am going to share a little game you can play with your partner. It's not rocket science game, just a simple yet fun, sometimes can even get tricky. Nevertheless, exciting.

Here it is:

Well, I still have no name for it yet, so I'm going to just name it

"This OR That?"

Sound stupid? Exactly.

Before I continue, allow me to explain a little bit more.

Like I said earlier, you already know some basic stuff about your partner i.e favourite colours, favourite food, favourite destination spots, blah blah blah. Now, give it a twist. Follow these few steps and you can change the landscape of your relationship!

It's simple;

1. Ask him/her which one he/she prefers, either "A" or "B".

2. For example, you ask question #1: Black OR White?

3. Your partner must answer either Black or White. It can't be both, can't be none.

4. Take turns. Your partner can ask the same question back if he/she wants.

5. If your partner asks the same question back to you, he/she must be either a boring person, or it's a good question. Well, example question #1 is definitely boring if you were asked back. At least change the colour for God's sake!

6. You MUST NOT elaborate nor justify your question. Only "This OR That?", that's it. It's up to you on which angle you are coming from, and which angle your partner is answering from. That's one of the fun parts of this game.

7. Try to develop the direction and the intensity of your questions gradually. You are not advised to start your early questions with something like, "Buried OR Cremated?" or, "Fuck OR Fucked?". Unless you worship Marilyn Manson.

8. You can go on like I said, gradually for example, "Beef OR Chicken?", "Plain OR Plaid?" and so on. Gradually.

9. The interesting part of this game is that your question can be very tricky. For example, "Chicken OR Egg?". WTF, right? It doesn't matter. It's a game played by a madly-in-love couple, it's meant to be WTF anyway. But the one asking the question might ask it to know which one his/her partner likes to eat more, OR, might be he/she wants to know what the partner thinks of which one comes first (you know, the "chicken and egg" scenario).

10. Get what I'm trying to explain? No? Great. Next.

11. The game will naturally gain its momentum. Both will try to think of a better, harder or trickier questions. Often it leads to a more intimate and sexually-teasing ones. That's the whole idea. From verbal to physical to imagination to anything, related or non-related to the relationship (the last one usually happens when you both are either drunk or stoned. Either way it's totally fine. Just don't drink and drive. Smoke and fly.)

12. I'll give you an example of how the questions can be really interesting, challenging, and tricky. If you're smart enough, you can come up with a double-meaning questions, consistently. Okay one by one. I'll list down few set of questions, you might even try it later:

i. Amsterdam OR Paris?
ii. Great Wall or Pyramid?
iii. Cristiano Ronaldo OR Lionel Messi?
iv. Nike OR Adidas?
v. Ferrari OR Lamborghini?

13. Erkk, might sound a little bit boring yeah. Anyway those were just some examples. Remember, never elaborate, and keep the momentum gaining, gradually.

14. It's also very useful if you know how to deliver questions. I was once asked, "Brown OR Pink?" I was like, "You serious??" Truth is, I'm not keen in both colours but I had to think before I answer. Or another question asked to me, "Desert OR Snow?" I can't stand cold weather not even air-cond in my room and yet desert is pretty much fucked up too, no? So in a way it helps you understand yourself better.

15. You may bring up the tempo with something more related to you or your partner. This is good for both to get to know each other better, with a pinch of fun. For example:

i. Tall Or Short?
ii. Slim OR Plump?
iii. Curly OR Straight?
iv. Kiss OR Hug?
v. Tan OR Fair?

16. Anything between the line. One reminder though, please THINK before you ask any questions. You need to be diplomatic and polite, and be gentle to your partner. Most importantly, this is a game, not a war. Don't start one unless you both enjoy make-up sex.

17. Let's go down to the more double-meaning, sexually-motivated questions:

i. Top OR Bottom?
ii. Soft OR Hard?
iii. Fast OR Slow?
iv. Hairy OR Shaved?

18. But again, don't justify your questions. Just ask and let your partner run his/her own imagination. For all he/she knows you were just asking about a horse.

19. Don't let the game go too draggy, nor too short. Set your own rules; 10 questions each, 30 minutes, however you both find comfortable.

20. Don't fight.

21. End the game with a kiss, or more. Get a room, whatever.

22. You are allowed to twist the game any way you like it. It's not my game anyway. Spread the love yao!


That was it, my brilliant "22 Steps to Save The World". I've tried it, and I tell you it's really fun and it can be healthy for your relationship too if you play it wisely.

Initially, I came with this idea because I realised nowadays people seem harder to decide, to choose. Sometimes they can't decide even the simplest things. They are afraid of making decision and choice. It's bad especially at a crucial moment. So train yourself to ask (the right questions) and to answer (whether you like it or not). You're not going to live forever after all.

Try it, you'll make the difference.

Dem yuh!


Anonymous said...

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jagunghangus said...


Sila buat post pasal kasut balik.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

haha although its just a simple thing, its such a sweet game to do.

sneakers or events?

what are ur plans for valentines?

Budak Nakal said...

Anonymous #1:

Are you a SPAM? *naive*


Shoes are the least important thing in my life. Therefore it don't deserve that much attention.

Anonymous #2:

Are you the same person as Anonymous #1?

Play more games. If you are to spend the rest of your miserable life with your loved one, better be prepared.

I have no plan for Valentine's. Why? Wait for my post this weekend. He he he.

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