Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine Mode #5: Don't stop flirting.

I hope my Valentine Mode Series is peaking up its intensity.

I started from "Of appreciation" which is about the appreciation of little things in relationship - something that we most often ignored. Of how we are suppose to take more initiative in relationship by brushing up all the little things that we should do to our partner.

Then I posted something from The Sartorialist, about the "Modern grace gentleman". The post is dedicated to the gentlemen, so that you know you need to be grace to your woman. And women, please be more sensitive when your man does some little special things for you.

After that was something for the ladies to get to "Know your man, better". I think it is relatively simple, only that ladies need to be more patience when dealing with their man. We men are simple and straight-forward. Keep it like that between us.

And the #4 was "Games for days" which is part of the fun activities you can do to spark up your relationship. Games can be many, so choose or create one, from the simple ones to the super-heated kinky stuff. As long as both of you are comfortable with it.

Another important key in any relationship is FLIRT. No, not to flirt with other men/women but with your partner and your partner only. Often a relationship transformed into a more serious one; everything has to be in order, too directive, toned down and no fun anymore. What happened to all the kinky jokes, the love bites, the lap dances, the tickling and the public display of affections?

Partners naturally became complacent after they've secured the relationship. Try to remember the time when you were still chasing, fighting and risking yourself for a chance to convince your not-yet partner to take your love that time. You become so suave, humorous, smart and confident. And a little bit flirtatious too, no?

I tell you one thing, men are more vulnerable to the act of flirtation from his woman, compared to women. Hence why men are sexually more motivated than women. We are men, what do you expect?

How do you do it?

It's simple. Follow (or improvise) these few steps.

1. When your man came home after a long day at work (or after a drunk night-out with the boys), you

2. He will lose his senses. Before he even starts to say anything, you

3. His eyes will roll like a cuckoo bird. Then you straight away make your move to him, very close, hold his hand, and you

4. I'm sure his jaw will drop to the floor. Relax, it's not the end yet. You push him gently, walk slow to the bed, wrap your comforter around you, take off everything underneath it, then you

Trust me, you'll make the difference.

Dem yuh!

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