Thursday, February 4, 2010

There's Something About... AVATAR.

I know this is rather late. But just read guys, it's different.

Last time I read about a month ago, while Avatar was hiking up at #4 for all-time worldwide box office with USD$1.02 billion, the film was not even screened in China, yet.
*Note: China has about 16,000 cinemas.

Now the film is at the top of the chart with USD$2.04 billion gross, exactly 100% more from last month, and counting. If we look at a simple math, cinemas in China contribute half of the ticket sales worldwide. Crazy, isn't it?

James Cameron, the man behind the film, made history with two of his films sitting on the reign of Top 5 All-Time Highest Grossing Films, respectively #2, and #1. Bloody hell. The last time he directed a studio film was the very jiwang-karat-tahap-Celine-Dion-punya-jiwang, Titanic. That was 1997, about what, 13 years ago?

How much you think he's getting from Titanic and Avatar each? If I'm being silly and say he gets 5% of the total gross for Titanic, and 10% for Avatar (he wrote the script and directed the film, plus he uses most of his resources - CGI lab, crews, blah blah blah), well, some math,

5% x USD1.8b = USD$90 million
10% x USD$2b = USD$200 million


USD$290 million

Simple math. Like I said, if I'm being silly and just picked some numbers from the air on how much money he's making. It's like,

hey bro, duit komisyen Titanic gua sudah mau kering lah. Gua nak kena buat filem lagi. Paiseh...

One simple question to all of you:

What would you do if you have USD$290 million?

How much is USD$290 million? Erkk, about RM1 billion ringgit.

I'm gonna start listing down yao!


To those who are going crazy about Avatar, maybe you can birth your own so-called 'Avatar'. Watch this, it's a job well done.


On a heavier note, read what Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad has to say about Avatar, and the conspiracy theories about September 11, 2001 Incident. You can also follow his blog HERE.


Lastly, I can't help but to share something funny that I read from Hiddie's blog.

What do you think? Was it hard, or easy for James Cameron to come up with the talk-of-the-world Avatar?

"Good artists copy,
Great artists steal."
~Pablo Picasso

And if Picasso was still alive, what would he say about AVATAR?

I'm pretty damn sure he'd say,

Dem yuh!


Anonymous said...

what he touches turns into gold.
for those two epic movies i mean, if i were to grab my hands on that 1Bill ringgit, i cant imagine how much i would contribute to the homeless, anak2 yatim all around m'sia. Save some for me n my family and help would feel awesome if i have the chance to do improve the lives of those that are unfortunate. maybe splurge a little on myself lah duh! pergi bora2 island ke. adoiii.

i guess if u put effort on achieving something, ull bear fruits. jealous.

Budak Nakal said...


Very noble. I'd buy Bora-Bora.

hiddie said...

thanks for laying down the numbers. gosh. i wish i live in the USA, where creativity knows no boundary. who knows, WE could be another james cameron. i know you can. and we'll be earning that much money, easily. well okay, not that easily but you know its possible.

anyway, what i meant to say is: this is why i like about you and your blog. you put a lot of thought into your posts, you do some research, get some facts and compile them in such a holistic manner so it will be beneficial to others. not to mention some personal poignant posts here and there, which adds excitement to the readers.

please dont stop blogging. you keep me going.


Budak Nakal said...


I wish to make the whole world think like me. Precisely,

94% bullshits.

I'm still trying.

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