Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bandung-Jakarta Trip (Day 2)

January 28th, 2009

Woke up about 11am (yeah I know it's kinda late but we were really tired from the trip the day before). Cleaned ourselves, and went to Rumah Mode. Rumah Mode is one of the main factory outlet stores in Bandung. Didn't buy anything though.

Scenery from our apartment balcony

Rumah Mode (factory outlet)

Zaha posing baeekkk...

Dee-d looking energetic

They sell these reptiles on the road side.. Uhh...

Then went for lunch somewhere I can't remember. Ate some soto, bakso and some other things. While we were having our lunch, my friend Ardy came by to say HI. Jojo and Dee-d split with Ardy, Zaha and me. Ardy took us to distro boutiques around Jalan Sultan Agung and Jalan Trunojoyo.

Distro is a scene in Bandung and Jakarta respectively, where they have a huge local fashion and lifestyle scene there. People support local brands, from local designers. That's how any industries should do, especially in Malaysia. I have few picture only but you guys should go there and see for yourself. And learn a thing or two, if you are not ignorant.

Airplane System boutique

UNKL347 boutique

Invictus boutique

Nanonine House boutique

Ouval Research boutique

Later at night we went for dinner at this one restaurant called Sierra Cafe, somewhere uphill Dago. It's similar to the Look Out Cafe in Ampang, but chiller and it's more exclusive. Very nice view, and surprisingly the price of the food was cheap!

Sierra Cafe entrance

My dinner - Ayam Betutu


Our friend-cum-tourist-guide, Ardi

Everybody's happy after dinner.. Thanks Ardi!

Called it a night afterwards.

Dem yuh!

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