Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Feature: Kugiran Negara ke United Kingdom Enterprise (KNUKE)

I got to tip my hats off to these guys who started this whole project. They started off last year when they brought the good people of Kugiran Hujan to perform in few venues all around United Kingdom. They called it Kugiran Hujan ke UK Foundation.

Kugiran Hujan

It was a brave effort back then and this year, they hit it harder. The lucky bands who made the cut are Estrella and SevenCollar T-Shirt. They will be going to UK from 29th of March to 5th of April. So for those who are there somewhere in the Brit Land of Rock, join the party! For more info you guys can check it out at KNUKE Website!


SevenCollar T-Shirt

Before that, they will be having a gig called Sounds Unite: Estrella & SevenCollar T-Shirt UK Tour Pre-Departure Gig. Check out the details at their Facebook Event.

One last thing, join KNUKE Facebook Group for more infos on their latest projects HERE!

Dem yuh!

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