Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bandung-Jakarta Trip (Day 3)

January 29th, 2009

The third day was quite a ride.

Made our move early in the morning (8am!) to Tangkuban Perahu, an active volcano uphill of Bandung. We rented a car+driver from Cipaganti, one of the biggest car rental companies there.

A small cowboy town, on the way to the volcano

Stopped in the middle of the trip for breakfast. We had Bubur Ayam (chicken porridge) which is the main breakfast meal for the people around there (and maybe the whole Bandung, or even Indonesia). It's nice though.

Dee-d and Jojo were hungry I guess..

Bubur ayam ini lebih sedap daripada Bubur Ayam McD!

Very nice view, almost reaching the volcano

Reached the top of the mountain. It's kinda cold, maybe as cold as Cameron Highland (but I can't be too sure, I haven't been to Cameron for quite some time). We were crowded by the local sellers and guides there, offering souvenirs and shit. And they were kinda aggressive, if any of you guys planned to go there, make sure you have local friends or something otherwise there's no way out for you but to buy the stuff they sell. So once you bought the souvenirs, not only you get the stuff, but also you bought their sad stories (it's sad honestly, I won't lie but yeah that's a good marketing - sad and depressing stories, don't we all love soap dramas?)

That's active yo!

We could smell the sulfur (macam bau belerang)

See the awesome view behind Yours Truly

Posing jejaka-jejaka kesunyian wakakakaa

I can't remember this wood's name. But it's really unique!

Note on the Tangkuban Perahu Volcano: It's an active volcano with around 12 active volcanoes all around it, but only two that can be seen because the rest releases dangerous chemicals to human (cyanide and arsenic and shit). The last time it erupted was around 1969-1970 (can't really remember).

We trekked down the top of the mountain to the crater about one kilometer down. Then had some hot mud massage, which was told to us to be a very healthy massage (the mud is rich with minerals and whatnot). It was nice indeed, you'll feel 'lighter' after the massage.

Stopped to catch some breath

Alalaa chomeynyee.. Anak sapa neh..

Volcanic crater

Hot mud massage

Free-of-charge massage, but with a catch (dem yuh!)

It's genuine volcanic mud!

Zaha camwhoring himself

After we done with the volcano mountain, went down back to town (Dago), had a Nasi Padang lunch. Jojo and Dee-d split with us, they went to Pasar Baru, a place like a market selling textiles and whatnot. I've been told by a friend, a lot of Malaysians go there to buy stuff as well. Must be true.

The restaurant where we had our lunch

We made our move to some more distros, and then went to Paris Von Java (PVJ) in Sukajadi. There's a distro shop here in PJV, it's called 16 D'Scale. Had a meeting with the brand owner, Awey for some projects *hint hint*

No Label Stuff boutique

Sixteen D'Scale boutique in PVJ

Very nice interior, simple but elegant

They are one of the premium denim brands in Indonesia

We went back to the apartment around 12 midnight. Watched Entourage Season 5, and off to bed.

The next day would be our trip to Jakarta.

Dem yuh!

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