Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bandung-Jakarta Trip (Day 4)

January 30th, 2009

Called City Trans, a shuttle service company to Jakarta. Our shuttle scheduled to depart at 1.30pm WIB (Waktu Indonesia Barat) and we departed on time.

That's heavy yo!

Waiting for the cab to take us to the City Trans terminal

This is the 6-seater shuttle. Cheap, and convenient!

Mukaku macam sundal kata 'langau' yang menghurung

We reached Jakarta about 3.30pm WIB, and took a taxi to Prapanca Hotel, a 3-star hotel nearby Kemang. Kemang is one of the main attraction area in South Jakarta, mainly for the food, entertainment, and shopping.

We reached hotel at about 5.00pm WIB. Rest for a while, until Ryan, a friend of mine from Jakarta who's currently studying in MMU Cyberjaya came by to bring us for a dinner.

It's tiring

Went to a row of warung (hawkers) and had some local food there. It was so-so, they put too much pepper in every dishes. Tasted weird.

Ayam goreng Jawa (tasted the same fried chicken everywhere else)

I like this, it's called Es Kopyor (coconut blend or something)

Martabak Telur. Niceeee

Too many pepper in the dishes..

So does this Mee Rebus. Tasted like Maggi Sup with a lot of pepper

Owh I forgot to tell you guys that there were soo many beggars in Bandung and Jakarta. Soo many, literally. Almost everywhere. Which comes to two things,

1) I feel sad for them. They're so poor and I feel sympathy.

2) I can't give them anything because if I did, they will tell the other shenanigans and a whole lot of them will come and beg from you. Which is disturbing and bad.

After dinner, we went to a local distro boutique called Capital. This shop carries local brands to the likes of their own label, Capital as well as Jakarta's finest graffiti artist Darbotz, Notorious, Footurama and few other local brands. Met with Putra, a friend who's working part time at the shop. He's one crazy ass motherfucker I'm telling you. Funny like shit haha.

Capital Boutique

Talked for a while and then we thought of chilling and maybe we could watch a live performance. So Ryan took us to a lounge/restaurant called The Trip. It's almost like other places in KL, like Palate Palette or No Black Tie, to name a few. And then Raven, Putra and Edoz came down to chill with us.

The Trip in the trip

Wi-fi'ing' while waiting for the live acoustic performance

So does Zaha

Jojo (half faced), Ryan, Raven and muka sundal

Watched a live acoustic performance there, and trust me the band was great. The singer's voice was almost like Eddie Vedder or David Cook, and the likes of them. And the guitarist, happened to be the second singer also had a great voice. Damn they could be a rockstar in Malaysia if they're here. More, the band was great also. Good lead guitarist, good bassist, and good percussionist. I could go there everyday to watch them perform. They performed many cover songs like Semi Charmed Life - Third Eye Blind, Daughter - Pearl Jam, Save Tonight - Eagle Eye Cherry, Drugs Don't Work - The Verve, Love Song - The Cure, and many more good ol rock songs, in acoustic set. Just so relaxing.

Jojo and Dee-d made their move earlier about 12 in the midnight. Our friends, Nadya and Niken came by just after Jojo and Dee-d left. we stayed there until 2.00am.

Something scares Nadya and Niken.. I wonder what..

Nadya's boyfriend, Adhi came to pick us and drove us around town for a while, checking out 'cool places' and then we went back to the hotel about 4.00am and slept like a baby.

Dem yuh!

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