Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bandung-Jakarta Trip (Day 5)

January 31st, 2009

Dee-d woke us up almost 10am for the complimentary breakfast at the hotel cafe. Then they both decided to move to another hotel, a 4-star called Hotel Century. Since it's Dee-d's birthday that weekend, they wanted to spend some nice quality time in a good hotel suite.

About 12.30pm, me and Zaha walked to Kemang area to look for lunch. Found Krispy Kreme, had few doughnuts. The doughnuts were fine, quite nice to be exact.

Gen-2 in the house!

Kemang Food Fest. D'uhhh...

Krispy Kreme yummy yummy...

Can't remember the names

Nice yo!

Ryan came to pick me for a meeting with Andaru, the owner of Nanonine House. Before that we sent Zaha to the internet cafe nearby. Ryan and I rushed to Tribute, one of Andaru's shop that sells foreign brands to the likes of Vngrd, Wrong Wroks, Stussy, Rockers NYC and few more good brands. really like the Vngrd tee and hoodie, but it's too expensive for my budget.

Tribute Boutique

After the discussion, Adhi and Nadya came to Tribute and pick me and Zaha later, to bring us to Segarra, a posh restaurant at Ancol. The restaurant was really nice, only thing was it's booked by BCA, one of the largest Indonesian banks for their annual dinner or something I don't know. So we couldn't get the beach side table. It's kinda frustrating but we managed to get a table inside, so it's fine.

Proud yo!

I'm so ugly I had to snap my picture like this

Segarra.. Segarnya...

I'm gonna say this again: niceeeeeee......

Sadly we didn't manage to get the beach side table

At Segarra, we were joined by three beautiful ladies, Azza, Raina and Hana. They're Nadya's friends.

And the party started

I initially wanted to order Wagyu beef but the price wasn't so friendly. Yeah you see a 200grams of Wagyu beef Grade 8 was around RM80 (240,000 rupiah) and a 180grams of Wagyu beef Grade 9 whopped RM100 (300,000 rupiah). Instead I ordered myself a broiled lobster (as seen in the picture below). Cheaper and still sounded expensive, no?

I'm hungry now!!

Zaha and his usual "wicked" smile

Two lovely couple, Adhi and Nadya

Raina & Azza (demm she's hot!)

Adhi, Hana, Nadya, Azza, Raina, Zaha & muka sundal

Made our move back to the hotel around 9pm from Segarra, but the traffic was soo bad (I will blog about traffic jam in Jakarta some other times) we reached hotel at 11.00pm. Took a quick bath and whole lot of perfumes and we went to Public, one of the main clubs in Jakarta. Unfortunately they were organizing an event where all the guests must wear white tops. So we decided to move to the next club called X2. X2 had an event as well, with Timo Maas hitting the decks that night. So Jojo, Zaha and me went in.

Three rascals, Zaha, muka sundal & Adhi

*Note on the Timo Maas Event: Nadya, Adhi, Raven, Ryan, Putra and another friend didn't manage to get in the club because they were under 21 years old (except Adhi, he's 24). Even Nadya who's supposed to be 21 this year also was declined, since her 21st birthday will only be in the month of October. It's kinda stupid, because Jakarta, known for their great clubbing scene in the region, had these kind of rules. But yeah whatever. Anyway, so sorry guys!

Dem yuh!

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