Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Deactivated fantasy

Hey young world.

I deactivated my Facebook account, more than a week ago. I thought it's evil. Not the act of 'deactivating the Facebook', but Facebook per se, is evil.

Actually I've deactivated it a few times already. And I activate again, and back and forth, and back an forth. Just like smoking, you started because all your friends are talking about it and they are doing it because it's so cool and you can 'meet more people' and you'll be part of the 'coolness' so you joined. Then you got hooked up, you couldn't leave it for two seconds. You meet more and more 'people' and suddenly you are part of the 'society'. As time goes by, you realized it's not really healthy, so you stopped. Then after couple days of 'withdrawal symptoms' you gave up and you smoked again. It goes around for a few times. Most people just got sucked into the web and never came back.

I felt pathetic about myself. I had about 371 friends in that Facebook, but were all of them really my friends?
And, when I deleted my account, no one even noticed. Not surprising. Oh, actually, only one person noticed :) Go figure.

I think it's really funny nowadays. Why? Because:

You don't have to actually meet someone physically to befriended with. Virtual sex is not entirely wrong, I guess?

Relationship Hell
Adding “in a relationship with” is like putting up a billboard that reads, “Please! Hit on my boyfriend!” or “Hey guys! Stalk my girlfriend!” I’m not kidding. For some reason, twisted people see the “relationship status” as an invitation to break it as quickly as possible.

It's the best place to get the undeserved attention that you want. You share everything in it. No privacy, no discretion, no nothing. I know many would disagree and say, "I can set my privacy levels and shit." Of course that kind of negates the point, doesn’t it? But truth is, I don't care anymore.

If you have a problem with your friend, why didn’t you just tell that person? Why whine about it in your status? With friends like that....

You can play all sorts of games and applications which you have no balls to do in real life. I have apps like everyone else, and some are fun. But some apps need to be destroyed forever. How many times can a zombie bite me? Will my friend hate me if I ignore his “Best Friends Forever” request?

Unwanted Friends
Sometimes it’s a person I deleted before. Sometimes it’s a person who deleted me and now wants to be my friend again. Ermm, you got rid of me. Why would I take you back? Worst of all are the times it’s a “friend” who just wants to spy on me for someone I deleted.

Unless your Facebook is set to be viewable by only your friends, someone is spying on you. Guaranteed. These pages are magnets for creeps who would rather watch you through the Internet than actually talk to you in person.

One PRICELESS example

I'm sure there's many more I can write down. I'm just not gonna.

I think it's better to smoke. At least you're doing something real and if you die you can say, "hey, smoking kills," than, "hey, Facebook kills."

I feel really, really sad now. Sad because I was once sucked into this evil thing.

Mark Zuckerberg is a BILLIONAIRE, at the age of what, 24? And what are we doing now? Playing Farmville? Mafia Wars? What type of kisser are you? When are you going to get married? How sexy are you?

Give me a break!

Oh my God, I am so stressed now. Sad, stressed. Add another one and I'll shoot myself in the head.

After writing all this, I really feel like vomiting. This time, I will stand strong and not go back to that monster. We are hopelessly addicted and it will be the end of our natural lives. I guarantee if we can make it 2 weeks without it, our lives will become better in every way. One more week to go...

Dem yuh!


Matthew Ciuccio said...

I agree with you completely. I left today.

irah said...

mhahahah exactly why i dont have a facebook account. i wont have any secrets anymore. kill joy.

Budak Nakal said...

@Matt: Stay strong brotha. Stay off the dark side.

@irah: Don't start. Facebook kills.

- anma - said...

"ter" masuk in your blog, "ter" nak comment and it's really true to deny..
but i've the account...
but no status updated, no game, no application tried..(am i gewd one???)
facebook making money and we lost the time...:)
thanks mr for the "genius" of you..

Budak Nakal said...

@ - anma - :

I personally think it's okay to have an account (social network accounts), and connect yourself to your mutual friends (elementary, high school, college, party groups, workplace etc) just so in case you need to contact them on a personal matter, or spread any announcements (i.e events, wedding). Other than that, I don't see spending hours by playing games, STALKING, is healthy. Kids nowadays seem to pick on Playstation 3 than buying a football boots for themselves.

To be honest, I would keep my account. But I like the feeling of putting myself, no, THROWING myself into the uncomfortable zone, and try to see if I can live with it.

So far so good.

Whatever you do, you must have objective(s). As for me, I have my own :)

-anma- said...

gewd one!

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