Saturday, December 12, 2009

I wish you the best, I guess?

I saw my ex-girlfriend a few nights back, at a petrol pump station.

At first, I wasn't really sure if that was her, because I thought I saw a girl with black-rimmed glasses, and I can't remember her wearing that kind of glasses, but at a glance I saw the car plate number and instantly I know it's her. I wanted to say HI to her but she ran off before she even fueling her car. Too bad.

So I went home and it kept me thinking, "Seriously, what are the chances, right? Wednesday, 2.30 in the morning, some petrol pump in town." In the end, it doesn't really matter. It's just a random coincidence. Nevertheless, I'm glad she's still alive. Heh.

Right after I got back home, I switched on my DVD player and I turned on Twilight. Why? She reminds me of Kristen Stewart in Twilight. Exactly. A resemblance of Bella Swan, physically and characteristically. I told her that last time when we were together, but unfortunately she didn't say anything about me and Rob Patt having anything in common. Bummer.

I don't think I've EVER bumped into any of my ex-girlfriends before. Weird. But fuck it, these are all nonsense, irrelevant, and taking up too much space in my brain.

Actually I wanted to post a song, to share a song. I kinda like it now, and I've been listening to it regularly for the past few weeks. And I've learned the guitar bits, and the piano bits as well. Playable.

Not that this song has anything to do with bumping out on my ex-girlfriend.

Aydan; I wish you the best, I GUESS?

Dem yuh!

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