Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December is the month to.......

.......start thinking of your New Year resolution(s), if you have one you can follow.

No you idiot!

December is the month to....... GET LAZY AND BUM YOURSELVES ON THE BEACH!

That's right that's right.

Oh by the way, happy December everyone. Not too late I hope. Well, time passes by quicker than jerking off on Megan Fox's sultry being, figuratively.

Never have I, ever, in my whole life, than this year:
  • Being so committed to my work, my job and my career build-up
  • Party as hard, every other week-in week-out
  • Torturing my body with fitness regime, swimming, basketball and soccer sessions
  • Mind-fucking myself with music classes and experiments, psycho-analyzing films and understanding philosophy
  • Spending more time with my family and smoke cigarettes with my ultra-cool dad
  • Wrote over 200 entries in my blog in my FIRST YEAR (well half were copy and paste but, what the hell)
  • Doing things that I want to do regularly (buy sneakers, eat better food, meet more people)

In other words, so far I am UTILISING myself; my body, my mind, my energy, my beliefs to another level I never thought I could possibly reach.

This is not some kind of bragging, or any kind for that matter. I know the journey is very much beyond my reach. And I believe if I just keep this as a habit, at least I'll make something good out of it.

I have no regrets to another human. Seriously. My only regret is to my GOD The Most Precious and The Most Merciful. I've been so ignorant, so selfish, so unappreciative, so ungrateful, so forgetful, so lazy, so weak and so insignificant. I am human, after all.

Wow this is sound like a confession-cum-new-year-resolution already. Whatever. Okay let's not go down that road, yet. Cheer up people, cheer up.

So let me help warm you guys up a little bit.

Now everyone can fly.


Take us to the top of the mountain

Ya Rabbi potong gila mood gambar ni siapa lah poyo nak mampus

Back to the nature


What's not to love?

Truly an amazing sight

Serenity at its best, thanks to iPhone.

See you there, or see you not.

Dem yuh!


Anonymous said...

u left out buying cds laaa ;)


Budak Nakal said...

Oh Em Ji! I forgot that too. Demm!

And yes, I bought more CDs than ever this year. Niceeee....

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