Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Love Guru

No, again, not me. I don't think I am. Well, maybe. I don't know.

See, when people say I'm The Love Guru, I just laugh. Not literally laughing, but I feel the tickling in my tummy, it's like butterfly so they say. Not proud of it, but not offended by it also.

Usually The Love Guru is someone who:
  • Has/had plenty of experiences involving relationship and women (database)
  • Has an extremely good sense in determine a workable relationship or otherwise (before it's too late)
  • Understands the fundamentals or keys of a relationship, and women
  • Is playing the game by the book, and by the real situation as well (book wise, street wise)
People think by being or labeled as "The Love Guru", you are perfect. You have a perfect relationship(s), you are perfectly romantic, you are always wanna be in control, you have the best women, you are very selective, you are blah blah blah.


They are human too.

Here's a simple example:

A good barber, or even the best hair stylist, will have to go to someone to cut his/her hair too. Yes, if you Google, or Youtube I'm sure you'll find my statement inaccurate. To me, they wanna do it because they wanna prove something, not because they're the best. Well how do we determine "the best" anyway? It's subjective, agree?

Another one; even the best surgeon needs another surgeon to cut him/her open when they need help with it.

Sometimes, you can't do much about something and just let people help you out. I will help others out when they need it, even though I know they won't listen. It's alright, I don't charge.

Anyway, to tell you the truth, don't take advice from these three categories of which they think they are The Love Guru but they actually are not:

The Perfect world people

Guys (and women) giving advice that they have not tried or tested their own methods. They read other people's dating books, psychology books and other related works and compiled the information.
The problem: Impractical advice!

Guys bitter towards women

While there is some good advice from these guys, you will have to filter out the bitterness part. The good advice is they urge you to be confident, have that "Don't give a damn attitude."
The problem: Sometimes they pass their bitterness down to you.

Guys who are inherently insecure

Again, some of these guys have excellent advice and techniques. However, the core level they still feel that they are not good enough. Anyone giving advice to the tune of, "Guys, get her drunk. Feed her alcohol" is operating from a perspective of, "You are not good enough, so rely on the alcohol to make up for your deficiencies."
The problem: Do not become sucked into their web of weakness and insecurities.

In my case, well I rest my case for now. I don't wanna think about it.

Always remember: When you are in these kind of situations, reach for the phone and I am a dial away...

But one thing that I always believe: I believe I am destined to do GREAT things.

Dem yuh!

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