Friday, December 25, 2009

Don't Tell Anyone...

Yes this title sounds familiar. I did, in a way, use a similar title, check HERE.

However, this entry is not a sequel to the first one. In fact, nowhere related.

I wish I could write more but my hands are really weak. My whole body is weak. I gained weight a little bit this last month, but today it's really weak. Can you imagine, fat and weak? Bad combo. Heh.

Anyway (oh, I am called "Mr. Anyway" - I kinda like it though) this is something I wrote a while back, not too long ago, maybe merely a month. I kept this and wait for the right moment to publish (again, to my belief: There's no right or wrong; only consequences) and I honestly don't know if this is the right moment or not. We'll just wait for the consequences.

So here it is, as it is called,

Don't Tell Anyone

Don't tell anyone...
I walk you home every evening
And you text me every morning

Don't tell anyone...
I puff with you till we both fall
And our eyes are as red as the devil's balls

Don't tell anyone...
I am thinking of you a lot
And I'm also in your thoughts

Don't tell anyone...
I am thrilled to meet you every day
And looking forward to our date every night

Don't tell anyone...
I get fireworks in my tummy when I'm with you
And you get butterflies in your tummy too

Don't tell anyone...
I like to kiss you if I see an opening
And I know that got you spinning

Don't tell anyone...
I miss every parts of you
And I know you believe it's true

Don't tell anyone...
I want you to want me
And I need you to need me

Don't tell anyone...
I LOVE YOU for better or for worse
And believe me that's just the verse.

It's not perfect, but it's honest.

On the irony, I kinda did tell everyone, didn't I?

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