Thursday, December 3, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday. Dem yuh!

I couldn't believe my blog has turned 1 year, on the 26th of November to be exact. Crajee... I even forgot about it. I didn't notice. Time flies, no?

If I were to flash back, over a year ago, I was really in a terrible shape. Everything don't seem to be working out. I didn't know what the hell I was doing. Not that I know what am I doing now anyway, but at least things are moving forward. There's a positive progress to my life.

Before I started this blog, I never write formally. I did write love letters, notes, things like that. Not even poems. I remember my cousin, Shaq told me something very valuable:


I took that advice. And I thank him for that. I read more, I challenged myself to start writing, and even more challenging than ever, organising myself, my life.

The start was really hard. I thought about a lot of things; What if nobody reads my blog? What if my writing is weak? What if the jokes are lame? What if I stop after two hours? What if THIS? What if THAT?

So I took a step back, set my priorities, stick to my plan, challenge my own self-doubt, throw myself out of complacency and land into the new 'uncomfort zone'.


I kept that in mind. I start.

Anyway, before I started writing about anything, I had to read or did some research on things that I wanna write about, things that matters to me and things that worth mention. I never draw any lines to what I should write about, I just write things that most of the times a reflection to what I think or what I feel or what I believe in, in different forms, different medium. Videos, pictures, songs, quotes, stories, jokes, you tell me.

Funny thing (for me) is, I was so unsure and insecure about starting a blog and write consistently. I mean, seriously, other than eat, sleep, shit, I never do anything like at least once every day. Not even jerking off. So I went to my graphic designer, Nas, and I asked him to help me to do a make-over for my blog. Like super graphics and flashes and whatnot. You know, just to make sure my readers (passers-by to be more precise) will be awed by the layout. So by that, they don't have to really read and focus on my writing.

This blog will be like a Playboy Mansion. Sexy on the outside but full with more-than-a-post-mortem-surgery bimbos. I'll be Hugh Hefner. Who doesn't like the Mansion? The Bunnies? Wow. Perfect plan. But on a second thought, I laughed at myself. Am I that dumb? I can do this. So I discontinued my plastic surgery idea.

So, here I am, after a year I posted over 250 entries. Not entirely that bad. Anyway I'm glad I started it. *pat on my own shoulder*

Maybe I should jerk-off after I posted an entry, that way it'll make more sense to my life, like some kind of ritual. Like the Hakka dance before an All-Blacks rugby match. Very inspiring.

This is more like it!

Cute chick eh?

One of the main activities

Even granny wants a piece of the cake

As usual, the result is priceless

Right now this blog probably contains 6% of knowledge but still 94% full of shits. Ha ha ha. Well done. Let's see if I can survive to the second anniversary.

Dem yuh!

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