Monday, December 1, 2008

Great Two Double Zero Eight.

Yes it’s already December. Disember datang lagi. Throughout this fast-paced, exhausting rough year, I realized some things about myself:

I’m already quarter century old.

Yes I know I know. I’m old. It’s kinda tough really, when you’re already entering the mid 20’s and you have so many things to do. Good in a way, bad in other possible ways.

I gained weight.

Not in my desired figure but it’s still a shape nonetheless. Hey, ROUND is a SHAPE. *sob sob sob*

I’m wearing optical glasses.

I felt so frustrated whenever I drive at night or during rainy day, I can’t really see the road. And since I have astigmatism, I tend to have blurry visions. So I got myself a pair. Yes I looked like a computer geek now.

I don’t go for exercise that often anymore.

The most are just casual futsal probably once in a month, bench pressing in the office whenever I feel like, swimming when I have company but mostly I go for a relaxing sauna. Yes. The thing that makes you sweats like a pig with you only sitting and doing nothing for 20 minutes. Yup. At least, I burned my calories and fat bit by bit (with a dying hope of cutting off some weight before I go for beach bum holiday).

I don’t shop that MUCH anymore.

I can say that this year 2008, I made no major purchase or anything that I can actually remember spending for, due to a lot of commitments in life. Or at least I’d like to think that I’m trying to be more responsible and take control of my life.

I don’t party that much now.

Yeah I think I partied most during mid of this year, possibly any party I could get my name under the guest lists, friend’s parties, TAG, LapSap, you name it. But these recent months, I don’t anymore. I enjoy more of live shows, arts exhibitions, something more tone-down. Boring.

I’m working for the same company for almost a year already.

Surprising. I NEVER work before. I always believed I’m not fit to be in someone else’s company. I still remember I joined the team on the January 14th this year. Business Development Department. Sounds heavy to me since I have no freaking knowledge about developing a business. Even though my true passion is in business, I never had any formal education in that sense. I’ve been molded in science stream, much to my memories it’s all about MATH, PHYSICS, BIOLOGY, CHEMISTRY bla bla bla.

Well, it’s about time to make new resolutions for the coming 2009. This year has been a mix of different feelings, struggles and motivations. Next year will even be more rough, tougher but I’ma keep digging that hole to find me them GOLD.

Has 2008 been this glorious to you?

Dem yuh!

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