Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Music Video: Clash - Lakorn Rak Tae : ละครรักแท้ (feat. โอ๊บ-วงไทม์)

I've always wanted to share this song with other people. I heard this first from a friend, a dear friend. Didn't take me long to love this song, but it did take me a while to memorize the lyrics =P It's in Siamese language, but hey, I love Siamese! Listen to this song from one of the biggest rock bands in Thailand, Clash. Lyrics as below, with English translation.

bot la-kon took dton kon rak gan nan dtong ta-lor gan
There are parts in a script where lovers have to argue

por teung dton jop dtrai-dtrong hua jai mong dtaa bok rak laew dee gan
As soon as it comes to the ending, they think things through, look at each other in the eyes and say I love you. Then it becomes resolved.

dtae nai chee-wit jing glua song rao mai jop dang nai la-kon
But in real life I’m afraid that we won’t end like the way it is in dramas

dton taai reuang ja jep tang song reu bprong-dong gan mai roo ja yang ngai
In the end will we both get hurt or will we reconcile? I don’t know how it’ll be.

* baang aa-rom chan gor bpen dtua gong
At times I played the villain

jon ter dtong cham bpuat raao laew lerk gan
To the point where I hurt you, broke your heart and we broke up.

dtae wan dee-dee tee song rao got gan nan yaa leum
But there were good days where we hugged each other, please don't forget.

bprode glap maa haa kon derm-derm eek kra´ng
Please come back to me once more.

dtang dtae ter dern bpai ngao jon kruan jai
Ever since you left I’ve been so lonely that I’m in agony.

la-kon rak tae chan kor len mai sak tee
Please let me play the part in this love story once more.

( repeat * )
la-kon rak tae chan kor len mai sak tee
Please let me play the part in this love story once more.

I must say, this is a very good song. I'll share more songs from different genres and languages and countries. Music is the food of love.


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