Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Wish List Year-End 2008 (Part 1)

Gosh it's already end of 2008. I know I mentioned it more times that I could even remember, but just how fast.. I really hope I will get those money I'm supposed to be getting before New Year 2009. Finger crossed.

Anyways, I have listed down a few ('few' word is very subjective ain't it? hehee..) things that I wish to buy, as a reward to myself for not killing anyone this year *yawn* no no no I'm just kidding I'm not gonna do that, I'm a very good boy *doubtful* ok ok not that good tho', maybe a lil bit naughty *grin*.

And I planned to get these things because I need it. Why do you need it? I thought you already have enough for your own use? Well...... erkkkk.... yea..... but...... No BUT! Enough! Awh c'mon man... Once in a while I do need to pamper and treat myself with something special. And I will tell you why I chosed these over other things/color/design/model. Jeng jeng jeng......

Item 01: Digital Camera

Obviously I don't have a camera. How long has it been? Well, couple of years maybe. And why do you think you need to buy now? Because.... I am a camwhore now, compared to past years.

I don't have a preference yet, since the technology of digital camera is upgrading day by day. I need to have a very long day to survey.

Any suggestion? Any recommendation? Any preference? Yes I do. Good, what? Don't buy. Get out!

Seriously I need some recommendations. Anything particular you have in mind? You again! Hey I'm trying to help you here.. Owh really? Well, I don't really need those DSLR thing, it's too big and not my cuppa tea. Something simple, not too technical, and most importantly stylish. No idea... Thanks, for nothing.

Me likey likey... Goldie goldie...

Item 02: Watch

Something happened to my watch. It's broken and those people from Swatch (dem yuh!) said they don't have the parts. Fuck you Swatch I'm not gonna buy from you buggers again. Not once, but twice! No stock? Not my fucking problem. And, the fact that the watch is not even two years old, and it's from someone really special to me!

So I decided to get myself a new, reliable, strong and stylish watch.

Luminox X Stussy X Delta Series 3000 Limited Edition


Three bodies intertwine in this collaboration, artist Delta, Stussy, and watch brand Luminox, releasing a new series of Luminox 3000 watches. With Luminox you have 18 years of fidelity on your wrist. Luminox Light Technology as they call it now allows you to read your watch effortlessly no matter the availability of light. No matter where you go i'm sure this watch will flourish due to the self-powered micro gas lights.

Isn't it niceeeeeeeeeeeeee............?

Moreover, the gunmetal color suits my company's uniform and my favourite Vans x W)Taps Syndicate Rudeez sneakers:

Gunmetal never looked so sexy before...

Enuff said. Next.

Dem yuh!

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