Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Interview with "The People Speak" Participants (KTJ Global Debate Team)

Few weeks ago I received an email from YR, my Director of EcoKnights about this one group of young Malaysians (and apparently there is one Bangladeshi) from Kolej Tuanku Ja'afar who are participating in a huge global environment movement called "The People Speak" organised by United Nations Foundation. These young eco knights is participating in this cause, obviously to raise awareness and crusading for the environment! Aye aye!

To cut it short, last week YR and I went for an interview with Melissa Kong, 19, one of the KTJ Global Debate Team in this program. We talked about EcoKnights, Eco Film Fest 2008 and other related stuff in between. This interview is part of their program tasks to interview some people related to environment, be it professors to eco-friendly product entreprenuers.

As you can see I didn't talk much (have I ever told you guys I'm a shy guy? No?) because YR is still the best person to explain in an extremely good flow (Sorry ma'am, I will develop my PR skill from time to time).

Thanks to Melissa for the honor to be part of the program. To everyone else, you can their Facebook Group or just check out what they have to say here. Big ups!


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