Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Poetry: My Day

Let's just say I started to write about a month or so ago. I didn't know why, but I know for a fact that for me to improve myself I must:

1)Read - Well I can't say I read that much, but I do read every now and then.

2)Write - Started. Now I have to keep my writing momentum on a regular daily-basis.


3)Organize - Well well well... This is a major problem. Okay I'll start soon *bluek*

Anyway let's get back on the track. So yeah this is my first poem. I wrote this first poem somewhere in October this year. It's about a guy who's so in love with his girlfriend. And just to briefly express his feelings for her, he wrote this poem. Check it out.

My Day
by Fad

It's morning
And I'm missing you already
I just had to text you,
"Good morning baby, rise and shine
I hope you're doing fine

Another thing, always be mine.

It's afternoon
And I can't stop thinking of you
Watching TV but you're all I see
I just had to text you,
"What are you doing dear?
How I wish you were here.

It's evening
And I'm sitting, plucking old guitar
Singing of you my twinkle little star
I just had to text you,
"Fall into my arms, I need you now
Stay with me forever, cause that's our vow.

It's night
And it's time to sleep and dream
But just before I text you
My phone beeped and it was you,
"Baby, I love you too
Dream of me and I shall too.


Isn't it great to start the day and end the night with your most loved ones?


`BaHa` said...

Great poem dude! We want more! We want more! =)

maz said...

simple yet deep....love it!:)

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