Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Movie: Redacted



Magnificent. Disturbing. Bold. Speechless. Restless. Intense. I wish I could write more words to describe this movie. Maybe I'm being too lenient when I do reviews. Maybe. I can't be too harsh though. At least I tried to rationalize few things when I write about something.

Anyway, as a continuity to the previous Vietnam-war-story, Casualties of War that was shot in 1989, Redacted is a film written and directed by Brian De Palma . It's a fictional drama about Iraq War conflict. On one side, the U.S Army are making fun and insulting Iraqis by calling and referring them to bad names, treating Iraqis like animal but, at the same time tried to portray to the world that these people are terrorists, bad people, and they (U.S Army) were the one who's fighting this war on terrorists. They are the terrorists. Islamophobia. Bollocks!

This movie is in English, but at times, it was narrated by a woman's voice in French (if I'm not mistaken), stating facts about the truth in Iraq War. TRUTH. But, as experimental as it is, and "fictional", this movie can come as close as what really happens in Iraq. Or any other war on terrorists.

I can say that this movie won't be for everyone, especially not to those faint-hearted. It's very srtaight-forward, insulting to Muslims and sad. Sad of how the truth has been covered with media twists. Sad of why do did they start the war, or any other wars for that matter. Truth, my dear friends, is the first casualty of war. WORD.

I'd rate this movie: 8/10

Dem yuh!

P/s - Salam Aidiladha to all Muslims around the world, may this Holy Day brings us the true meaning of Qurban. Amen.

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