Monday, December 22, 2008

Langkawi New-Year Holiday Preparations

As some of you might know (or might not care at all), I'll be going to Langkawi Island for about a week. It's actually a tradition set by Khaidi Kamaruddin, my boss in the company I'm working with now, Motorsports Malaysia. It's like a team building thing, but no specific schedule or anything, just having fun together with the team, relatives and close friends. Believe me, to build a strong solid team, the program has to be fun!

I haven't been out chilling, a real holiday I mean, in quite a long time. Worked with the company for almost a year, and I never been out of KL, except when the Komodo Ninja hit Pure Bar, Malacca for the Sneaker Collection Party back in July or something. Yeah, as far as I could remember, I didn't go out of the city for anything. Demmmm....

So yeah, now I'm planning to really have a nice and relaxing week by the beach a.k.a beach bum. But, knowing me, I'm quite a particular person when it comes to planning for my trip or anything related so I need a cool-to-have list of things when I'm there. Why do you have to be so fussy about it? I just like to be cool. I've always stressed out that the most important thing is to make yourself happy so in that order, I wanna make sure I made a cool-planned trip. You don't wanna slap your own face when you forgot to bring a thong later you know what I mean... Plus, I totally have no problem travelling light, I can even go there with a small pouch only. I would not list in TOOTHBRUSH, SUN BLOCK, or even SWIMMING TRUNKS because only a dirty un-hygienic ignorant motherfucker would not bring those. As long as I go there with the existence of these few, I'll be just happy:

1. Nike Air Rejuven8

Straight out of the Innovation Kitchen..

Nike’s development lab for unconventional ideas - is the Air Rejuven8; a shoe that is specifically engineered to help tired feet recuperate in anticipation for the next bout of activity - perfect for athletes/those with active lifestyles to wear in-between sports.

Removable socks. Just like condoms.

I can wear this at all time in Langkawi without even have to bring few sandals or shoes or anything. Just perfect!

2. Nike DriFit Pro

Hollow man...

I need it because I already planned to buy it for quite some time for my martial arts training purpose. Nahh just kidding. For any sports purpose lah! I don't wanna get 2nd degree sunburn or something so i need to wear a tee, and sleeveless is fine because I believe when I wear it, I looked exactly just like this:

Whatchu ladies lookin at..??

3. Oakley Frogskin Sunglasses

Frog with four eyes..

A beach bum isn't a beach bum without a proper sunglasses.. This wayfarer-type of shades are just the right type to wear and cover your reddish eyes from the results of... errr, too much UVs.. And the best part is, it GLOWS IN THE FUCKING DARK. That way, under the dark cold windy night, I can be seen just in case!

I like everything that grows in the dark... Oppsss, I mean glows.

Who made the coolest and funkiest shades other than Oakley, innit?

4. Paul Smith Towel

The realms of fashion and lifestyle..

Towel is synonym to beach. Why a Paul Smith's? I have to say, the towel looks yummy... Paul Smith signature swirl/stripes colorway has always been a turn-on for me. I'm expecting a scarf from Fazz (if you ever read this Fazz), and now I'm looking for this for my holiday.

5. Мишка Knit Sweater

One of the most coveted underground streetwear labels in the world today..

In Russian, Мишка or Mishka [pronounced: mee-shka] means "bear cub". Mishka is a brand from New York established in 2003. Mishka is always one of my favorite brands with a very unique, simple, provoking and sometimes funny. I need this knit sweater (but not this design, I'm buying a different design) for a cooler evenings in Langkawi.

Now I'm set! Langkawi, just wait for a your Naughty Pirate!


`BaHa` said...

upload blog arini?

Budak Nakal said...

hahaa... ye la apa lagi.. dah in the holiday mood skarang ni..

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