Friday, December 12, 2008

Which Tree Do You Belong?

Somebody sent me this thing. At first I thought, "Ahhh... Must be another personality explanations shit.." but I did read it and I was like, "Seriously??!!". I mean, I never bumped into anything as close as this and, to my surprise, few of my very close person I know have accurate explanations about them. Don't try to remind me as I know for myself that we can't believe these things. But well, just read and whether those personalities may fit you or may not, it's your call on how you wanna take it. To me, it's cool to discover new things about myself. It's quite accurate, in fact it's very accurate at some points.You guys check it for yourself.


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clarita said...

errkk!extremely agree wit u..its quite true tho..=p im a cypress!huhuhu..

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