Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tagged by Yaya.

I'll be honest with you all, I never knew what this whole 'tagged' thing is about. I see people 'tagged' other people, 'tagged' here 'tagged' there 'tagged' everywhere. All I know about 'tagged' is only TAG *woot woot*!

It happened last night I was TAGGED by Yaya, Ami's fiancée. I've told you guys earlier, I didn't know what is this all about. So Yaya took her time explaining what this whole 'tagged' means. Basically if somebody 'tagged' me in his/her blog/page or anything, I will have to write the same thing like what he/she wrote. And then I will 'tag' other people and the thing goes on and on. Thing is, I could be tagged again and again by different person, and different group have different set of rules or questions. And after you've done, you can't tag the person who tagged you before again. So it's kinda fun though (yeah so cute I am, isn't it? *kuang kuang kuang*) it's like playing hide-and-seek without, err hiding and seeking.

Anyways, here are the answers. And to those people I will TAG later, DO IT!


1) do you think you're hot?
I think I am hot-blooded. Unless I'm snake, which I am not. My best friend is though.

2) upload your favourite picture of you

3) what do you like that picture
When do you usually get the chance to be caught pissing in public?

4) when was the last time u ate pizza?
Couple nights ago. At Mooky's house (yo Mooky the Siren game was scary-ass shit maing!)

5) the last song u listened to?
The Killers - Human

6)what are u doing right now besides this?
Finishing few papers for some presentations on Friday *argghhh*

7)what name would u prefer besides yours?
Err... Jack Sparrow?

ppl i tag :

1) Dazed
2) Nosniv
4) Ewa Dayana
5) Arry
6) Ami

8) who is no.1?
Komodo Ninja!

9) who is no.2?
Komodo Ninja!

10) say something abt no.5
She's Fun, Fearless and definitely Fabulous!

11) how abt no.4?
A very nice and warmth lady.

12) who is no.3?
My sneaker customizer!

13) finally,tell abt no.6
My best friend (awww so schweeeeet....)

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`BaHa` said...

Bagus bertindak mengikut arahan hehe lain kali ade org tag i, i tag u jgk ok....

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