Friday, July 31, 2009

Born on the 31st of July

Well not me.

I'm gonna run a quick one.

Today marks the birthday of two significant people in my life. Unfortunately not my girlfriends. Wouldn't it be awesomely cool to have TWO girlfriends at the same time having/sharing the same birthday? Fantasy...

Anyways, yeah I'll introduce both.

First up, my REAL friend. REAL one, not fake.

Mr. Shahril Yaakob a.k.a Bala. His 26th today.

Retarded armpit-smeller

Maybe some of you remembered this fucker from this INCIDENT <- click at the INCIDENT, not HERE!

I knew him since we're thirteen (13). What are the similarities:

We went to the same school, same dormitory, same class, same cadet team, same sports house, same basketball team, in fact he's my pair in the team. We fought for the same girl but he won (I can't mention name here - to avoid speculations, wild rumors and gossips), only because he's more decent than me, I was the 'black' in ying-yang. He was more 'white' in that sense (not in skin color, otherwise he'll lose, any given time).

He knew my family, in fact he's part of the family, since time immemorial.

Bala (I gave him this name - and I'm proud of it, and I hope he is too ha ha ha sorry mate!) and I are very compatible, even though we're both different in personality-wise. Almost contrary I would say. Like I said, I was the "BLACK" (still am) and he's the "WHITE". But the most important is, never once he quit on me or being judgmental or anything towars me. Hell I've been and done so many crazy shits and he's the only person who knows EVERYTHING about me and not once left me behind. He's my REAL friend. a REAL friend is way better than BEST friend.

I tricked him to make him come to this event. Can you believe it??!!

To Bala, if you ever read this, STOP BEING SO DECENT AND JOIN MY BLACK FORCE!

Next up. Second and not least, my REAL second cousin. Again, REAL. Second cousin.

Mr. Mazro Mazlan a.k.a Yo! 28th today. You are old bastard.

Back in 2002. He's not this thin anymore, but girls still dig him. Sucka!

Actually he's not even blood-related to me. He's a cousin to my cousin. Hard to explain and I don't bother to.

So, what about this rambut macam rambutan guy? We worked in the same company since last year but he left for another job few months ago. We meet on daily basis though, through futsal, karaoke (this mofucker can sing) and countless wild nights. He's also considered as Vince Chase, whilst I'm more like E. Yeah can you imagine me managing this fucker? Hell.

Always with the macho-look. Blueekkk

He's two years older than me, but he looks younger. Unfair! I heard he use susuk, I don't know. Ha ha ha... Even though he's not really a cousin to me (by blood) but he's a REAL cousin. Again, REAL cousin is way better than BEST cousin.

To the two of you, since today is your birthdays, and you think you can have some immunities, well not from me! That's what I'm for, to pull on your legs, and your balls too!


Owh, tonight I'll buy them both a dinner. And then to a wild crazy ass party. Will post up the story later.

Dem yuh!

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