Friday, July 10, 2009

Seriously a blab.

I had a wild night again last night. Six hours of wild night. Demmit. Always with the wild nights. I don't wanna talk about that though, those who were there, I know they will be talking about it for a while. Ha ha ha...

I didn't go back to my house, instead I went back to my parent's house. Yeah, 4-fucking-a.m. Speaking of respect, right?

I mean, I do respect my parent's rules and certain restrictions but Pa is someone I can never lie to, or should I say everything I did is just at the tip of his nose. Speaking of a former police general. So no point lying. At least I'm being a good son to my parents.

So I arrived home, opened the gate and the door and all the security systems Pa installed, and finally inside of the house.




Of course you nut! You think it's two in the afternoon at a fucking circus??!!

Owh yeah, it's four in the morning.

Went straight to my room-slash-commonroom-slash-store. I smelled like a crack. Washed myself up, brushed my teeth and went to my real bed; the living room.

I've been sleeping in the living room since fifteen years ago. Yes. That's me. I never had a REAL room for myself. I was either sharing it with my elder brother (when I was still berhingus) and you know being the little one was not helping at all. So I slept in the living room, ever since.

After my elder brother moved out (he got married) I was too used to the living room as my so-called "room". Who needs a room when you can have a fucking house with TV, computer, fridge, and and everything else by yourself, at night? So I granted my room to my youngest brother, let him be. I rather stuck myself to the living room.

Back to the story.

After showered and changed, I landed my tired ass on the thin matress, those they used as extra bed for guest or those kinds. And unfortunately without a mistress. Matress, mistress, should be . I tried to find my position, the right one. My normal practice:

1- Lie straight.
2- Close my eyes with something; pillow or towel or anything.
3- Turn the Mp3 player on, not turn myself on. No use, without anyone beside.
4- Try not to think of ANYTHING.
5- Get myself into the songs.
6- Wake up the next morning.

So I did.

Woke up this morning, with a not-so-surprising present: HANGOVER.

Demmit I have to go to work! Thank God it's Friday.

Pa and Ma and my ever-handsome nephew, Harris was at home.

"What time is it, Ma?"



"Ma ingat you tak kerja hari ni. You looked weak. Are you okay my boy?"

"Yes I am Ma. And I'm late now."

"Mana you pergi last night?" Ouch I knew Pa would definitely know where I went last night.

"Erkk....." Stuttered.

"Pa dah beli nasi ayam. You eat lah, we're going out to visit your Makngah Ani in Hospital Kajang, she had an accident few days ago."

"Oh God. Alright. Please say hi to Makngah for me."

"But can you please help us mandikan Harris? Ma and Pa nak kena bersiap kejap."


So I gave a shower to my beloved 3-year-old nephew. I didn't mind. I love kids. Though most of them are annoying. I'm the coolest uncle so it's kacang putih.

"Paklang, Ayish don't want wash head..." Pelat. Wah dah macam Mat Saleh dah kau ni, taknak basuh kepala.

"Okay young man."

So yeah I bathed him, and clothed him up. Then I took my bath and got ready to go to work.

"Makan lah dulu." Pa insisted.

"Okay Pa." I was really hungry honestly.

"Are you okay my son? Kenapa Ma tengok sedih saja lately? You have any problem ke?" Ma sounded deep in sadness, and I saw tears dropped from her eyes.

"No Ma, I'm fine, really. I'm tired, that's all. Kerja banyak sangat, I don't get enough sleep (skipped the "wild nights" parts ha ha ha I'm a naughty son). I'll be fine Ma. Don't worry."

"Of course I'm worried about you, you are my son. Ma nak you happy. You dah happy Ma tengok hari tu. Now sedih balik. Ma susah hati tengok you."

"I know Ma. I'm trying."

I couldn't afford to extend the conversation, because it's going to hurt Ma's feeling. Actually not hurt, but she'll be more sad. I don't want to make her more sad. I mean, enough of her getting worried about her children for more than 30 years. The least I can do is to make her smile.

"So, you nak pindah sini balik ke?"

"No Ma, masih duduk di Damansara. Saja singgah sini malam tadi, I missed you and Pa."

And more tears. Oh man, wrong timing.

"Dah lah Ma. You guys better get going, nanti lambat nak sampai Kajang sana. Government hospitals bukan boleh visit suka-suka hati. Ada visiting hours."

"Okay. You take care okay boy. Makan kenyang-kenyang. Nanti weekend balik ya?"

"Sure Ma. I come back every weekend, you know that."

They left, I ate Ayamas Chicken Rice and watched the foolishly entertaining Blade of Glory. Speaking of Will Farrell and John Heder. Perfecto.

Rushed to the office. Tonnes of works. I have to come in to the office even on Saturdays and Sundays.

Lastly, why the fuck am I writing this entry?

Dem yuh!

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