Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lifeless Room

I haven't cleaned up my room for I-don't-know-how-long. I try to avoid staying too long, unless I want to sleep. Well, considering my hectic schedule now, I get home around 2-3 in the morning, every night. Sleep will come later.

I can't stay in my room anymore. It seems lifeless. It is lifeless. Empty.

I need to move out of the house very soon. I don't know where to go yet but I believe I'll be fine. I will, in time.

Lifeless Room

It's been a while
Since I last saw your lovely smile
Since I said things that hurt you
Owh now I feel so blue

Everything has changed
Everything seem strange
But I'm still the same
Still feeding on my pain

I don't know what went wrong
Sounds like a sad slow song

I still smell you
I still feel you
In this lifeless room
In this everlasting doom

Things will never be the same
Once you missed your aim
To you I bid my heaviest goodbye
I did my best
I did try

I don't know what went wrong
Sounds like a sad slow song
In this lifeless room
In this everlasting doom.


These pictures below are just not appropriate. But what the hell this is my blog so I just post whatever I want to. It's almost like a trash bin. Or garbage disposal centre. I don't feel like doing anything to the mess. I like the way it is now. I leave it the way it is before everything went wrong. I love the way it is now. Don't ask me why.

Dem yuh!


bgu2941 said...

yea.. like garbage disposal centre.. :P..hehe.. but, it makes u cute.... hhahah

Budak Nakal said...

What makes me cute? Because I have a garbage-disposal room? Or because I.... I'll leave that in blanks.

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