Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sick again.

I think I am going to be sick again.

My immune system is not as strong as they used to. I was a healthy kid throughout my younger years, but it became worse few years back after my horrible accident, and a few weeks after that incident, I was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy. It's considered one of the mild strokes. On the face. Like, half of my left face won't move. My motoric nerves were paralyzed. Luckily my sensoric nerves were still functional at that time. It means, I can still feel pressure, tickle, heat and such.

Actually I had few major unfortunate incidents. I got into plenty of accidents, involving many parts of my body. I broke my right arm when I was too little to remember. What I remember was from photo (I will try to look for it) and I remembered that time I had to X-Ray my arm. It was bloody painful. And no, breaking any bones in your body is really not a good idea. But yeah it happened to me.

My first stitches when I was 4 or 5 I think. Tripped over someone's leg at this one McDonalds outlet in Bangsar, and hit my head on a bucu of the wall. Fainted. Woke up, 4 stitches on my eyebrow. Well I don't wanna check now, because I see myself everyday so I can't remember left or right, but you can see if you take a close look at it.

Then I dislocated my jaw when I was in standard one, thanks to main kejar-kejar with some friends before class started. I accidentally crashed myself with another boy who's pushing his bicycle in the school compound, and his handle bar was crushed into my mouth. No, I crushed into his bicycle. Fuck. And yes, dislocated my jaw, lost few teeth, stitches in my mouth, and knocked out for one day. Not bad for a 7-year old.

Standard two, I fell from a collapsed pagar sekolah. Ha ha ha.. I fell about 3 metres high. Still have that stitches on my left knee. Awesome.

After that I lost count on stitches. Seriously. Unless it's a major accident with some interesting incidents and story lines. Other than that, I don't keep score.

Owh, I fractured my left ankle when I was in standard six. Playing football. Not really interesting, except I had to ride my bicycle home with growing pain and everything else. I didn't stop me though.

Then, when I was in secondary school (I think form five that time) I was stung by a swarm of wasps but precisely, it was tebuan tanah. It's different from normal ones you normally see, the black with the orange-stripes insect. This one was like black all the way, no stripes, bigger than normal and their nest is not on the tree, it's on the ground. Hence, tebuan tanah. I was stung by at least 10 on them bastards. I was hospitalized for one night to stabilize my body temperature and to observe if there's any complication or cardiac arrest or any of that crazy shit. Demm.. Doctor said I must keep away from any possible lethal threat especially those that stings, and bites (except girls which I don't mind) or I could suffer some mind-fucked shit. Up until now, I'm paranoid with bees or wasps or hornets, and especially snakes. Fuck I would pass out if there's a snake. Demmit.

In matriculation, I broke my left wrist playing basketball. He he he. I was sent to hospital, then that time the MA (Medical Assistant) was in insufficient numbers so my friend named Katak unwillingly had to help the only MA there to pull my screwed-up wrist back in the right position. Nasty. Fuck. Called my dad from hospital, told him what happened, he laughed, and asked,"So after this gantung kasut lah (retire from basketball)?" I said,"Of course... not. I'll play again when I'm recovered (doesn't have to be fully recovered right?)". Dad laughed then daddy passed the phone to mummy. Mummy was shocked, cried, almost passed out and wanted to visit me there and then. I said no need, I'll be fine. Went back to my hostel, ate some food and painkillers, and tried to sleep. Again my friends, breaking a bone or bones really not a nice feeling. Ask Ami, he was my roommate that time. He had to take care of me. Thanks man. And the worst part when you need to shit, fuck how am I gonna clean my asshole? Don't imagine, and certainly don't break your left hand. And more to that, I'm a lefty. I can't write shit when I go to classes and I can't do test and shit. It's actually a good thing because I didn't have to send my assignments and shit, plus chicks dig adventurous guy, don't they?

Finally the September 1st 2006, THE INCIDENT. I don't want to write more, check the stupid story HERE.

After that shit happened, I tried to stay out of trouble. I'm prone to accidents. But there must be a reason for everything, right? Maybe I am destined to get myself into accidents, so that people I love around me won't get hurt. If that's the case, I don't mind, at all. I rather get into troubles and pains if that would save people that I truly love from getting into that situation. I'm not a noble guy, I'm far from anything that can be labeled as "kind, nice, etc." Sakit itu mencuci dosa-dosa kecil.

Now with the piling works and out gung-ho every night seems to be working really well, thanks to the support system from my beloved F&F. The only downside of it is that I think I might be falling sick again. I hope I will not die just yet. Hope is what we have.

Dem yuh!

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