Friday, July 24, 2009

Get-away getaway

In few more hours, I'll be off somewhere for the whole weekend.

No, I'm not running away. That's not me. I mean, maybe I was a quitter in my younger days and escapism was the most ideal thing to do but not anymore.

However, I learned slowly and painfully that escapism is not gonna change your life or anything around you. The day my ideas about the world I was living in, broke into pieces. There's a saying: The world does not revolve around you.

It's like hating your family or this country or the current Government so much for being such an asshole to you and to everyone, so you decide to migrate to somewhat a "better" country with "even better" government like AUSTRALIA so you think you'll have a better living, you'll be treated with more respect and you can pay lower taxes.

Then after that you REALIZED that Australia is nothing less than your OWN COUNTRY, instead of coming back, you decide to migrate to ANOTHER country which you THINK is BETTER than the last one, like CANADA. I mean, what the fuck man? Why do you think Canada is better than Australia, or even Malaysia? Canada has been the main topic in American stand-up comedies for years, equally to North Korea or Iran. Well at least these mofuckers have some nuclear shits, no? And what Canada has? Wayne Gretzky? Maple leaf? Do you know that you can even grow money on someone's ass now?

Grow up.

Anyway, back to the topic.

I'm going for a getaway. Or get-away? Or get away?


I need out. Everything feels numb now. I work and work and work, and play sports every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights, Thursday usually a bit flex but I still come home at 2 or 3 in the morning, Friday and Saturday always the trashed ones, Sunday is family day and night. Yet I feel nothing. Happiness at its worst.

No I'm not being emotional or too sensitive (well maybe a bit) you can see in my blog I keep the truth about what I write. I never tried to be or write like other people a.k.a POSERS. I just write how I see the world through my eyes, the truth, about what I feel. *Truth in my definition is something that I believe in, not you.

So I don't know if I will write while I'm on my 'Ops Escapism'. Hell I don't know if anyone cares. It's a nice thing though, when you write and you don't know if anyone ever give a damn about your writing therefore you can write almost about ANYTHING you want, you can even say FUCK GOVERNMENT here and no one would give a flying fuck or two flying fucks about it. Shit I hope they don't arrest me under ISA because if they do, that would be the funniest shit ever could happen to me, or to this country, which I love dearly. *Smell some sarcasm?*

Fuck man I'm stoned or what I don't know. This is a bullshit write up. It's alright.

Need to pack up and rest. Long way to go.

History is to be pissing...

Dem yuh!

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