Thursday, July 23, 2009

I Still Do (Want To)

I still do
Want to date you
I'm taking my chances
And wait for your cue

I still do
Want to see you
After a long, long time
I'm still looking for a clue

I still do
Want to touch you
Soft and perfect skin
Like rainbow with all the hues

I still do
Want to hold you
My arms around your body
Like we used to

I still do
Want to kiss you
Long passionate lips locking
No one else but us two

I still do
Want to love you
And forever there is
Until the time is due.

It's true.

Dem yuh!


bgu2941 said...

miss ur girl??

Budak Nakal said...

I don't have any girl right now. It's something I wrote from my heart, it's past tense but I prefer to write on present tense, so it makes more sense.

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