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I have no title for this post, yet. I only feel like writing now. I keep telling myself that I write craps, but some people told me that I should keep writing. I have no freaking idea. I mean, it's not easy when I know I'm not good writing stuff, in fact I'm so close to a bad writer or could be the worst writer ever, and what makes it worse than worst is that I have to keep up writing. Or must I think I write good craps though?

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.

So the start-up motivation came from I-don't-know-where. Owh, I remember now. It came from an overflowing ideas and deep misunderstandings and critical observations about one too many things. I've written something about how my empty brain works before. You can refresh it HERE!

So yeah, I feel like writing about this one important thing. No, not important thing, but rather one interesting topic. Haa now it's more accurate. Well at least it's interesting to me. I don't know about you guys.

So this one hazy evening I had a conversation with my Uncle Kem, as usual in the car (Counselor In-Mobile) while sending him to Suria KLCC.

We talk about HARDWARE and SOFTWARE.


Not really.


Human. Life. Nation. Politic. Everything.

Everything in life, has two most important thing, to function as a system.

Hardware, and software.

For example:

Question: What builds a nation?

Answer: Human development (software, or brain) and national resources (hardware, or wealth). Simple. What happens to Malaysia now? Other countries look at us as a wealthy country, developing the infrastructures and looks good on the outside. It's called HARDWARE. But when you talk about human development (software), we Malaysians are way behind many countries that we see as "poor" or "under-developed" or whatever shit. We Malaysians are so proud of NOTHING. The tallest twin tower in the world? Wow. Well, not anymore in few years time. What else?

Tell me, what can we be proud of ourselves as Malaysians?

As a matter of fact, we can't even be proud of ourselves as a Malaysian since not every Malaysians CAN SPEAK BAHASA MELAYU PROPERLY. I'm not being racist here, no. I'm saying this because I see one too many Malays who can't even converse Bahasa Melayu properly, grammatically correct and what not. I'm not gonna start on Chinese or Indians or other race.

But you are writing in English now. What makes you an exception?

I am writing in English occasionally, and just to practice my SECOND LANGUAGE. Again, as a SECOND LANGUAGE.

If we talk about proud to be Malaysian, Malaysia Boleh(blah)!, nationalism or even that 1Malaysia, we can't even compare ourselves to Indonesia. Correct me if I'm wrong. Fuck it, there's no right or wrong, only consequences.

If you ever been to Indonesia, you can hear and see every fucking people there can speak Bahasa Indonesia, properly. Every single citizen, of course. Bahasa Indonesia. They are proud to be Indonesian. Here, we are still confused, whether we are speaking Bahasa Melayu or Bahasa Malaysia? The next election, they will change it to Bahasa Melayu, come the next election, change it to Bahasa Malaysia pulak. Morons.

And to top it all, we call Indonesians "extremist" or some sorts for being "extreme" about their country. That's the fucking point! How can we say we are proud to be Malaysians, when we don't give a flying fuck about our own country? All we can talk cock about all the time is the KLCC, KLIA, KL Tower, SMART fucking Tunnel, Putrajaya, Sepang Circuit, first astronaut, Iskandar Malaysia, PLUS Highway, what else? Tell me.

All of the above, HARDWARE.

And yet we say the Arabs are stupid and arrogant. Because they have money (and oil), they spend blindly and outrageously and build every fucking things on earth, in Arab lands. Why? Because they have resources. Oil. Money.

Arab = Money = Arrogant = Stupid.
Malaysia = Money = ?? = ??

See they equation?

Give any backward African country with all of Malaysia's resources and wealth and they can build a country and become a country exactly like Malaysia.

Give a spoiled brat a sports car and chicks will line up for his shallow mind and lame-ass sex performance.

Give a girl a 2-piece bikini on a beach and guys will become her good dogs for one whole day, and night if you're lucky.

There's nothing to be proud of.

A guy like me, I assure you, no girl would ever take a glance at me, if 'hardware' is what they look for. Well, certain parts, yes they would DROOL for it but that only after they proved they deserve it. *yawn*
It's obvious; I'm not rich in fact I'm a broke migga (Malay wannabe nigga), I'm bad-looking ugly-duckling, I don't even own a car, and I'm so kampung, girls would rather date a dog than me. Whatever with the big "W".

HARDWARE. HARDWEAR. Whichever you want to spell it.

Now now, the SOFTWARE.

This is rather interesting. Software is something you can UPGRADE, and IMPROVE. Take a look at one obvious example: Computers.

Hardware, you need to change the components when you want to upgrade. Which is utterly impossible to humans at some point. Unless, yes you have all the money and you wanna end up like the King of Plop.

Software, once it's in your brain, you can always upgrade it by improving your understanding on that particular subject.

Same goes to any thing and every thing. Let's try the 'proud to be Malaysian' or 'Malaysia Boleh(kot!)' topic. You can do something not only on the surface level, but to gain more knowledge and make it happen. Make something happen.

Geniuses throughout time, never compromises SOFTWARE. It builds human development. It's crazy, things you can possibly do with your BRAIN.

BRAIN. You can never go wrong with it.

What makes a genius? 10% intelligence, 90% hardwork. 10% aspiration, 90% perspiration. However you want to justify it.

If you could go and have a partner, which category would you go for? The Hardware, or the Software?

Funny, because now, deep down, everyone is lying to themselves. Most will instantly say,"I'd go for the brain, any time!" but actually the truth they might say,"At this point I just want a cute face."

It's pathetic, whenever you meet someone, you hear people talk,"He's Eurasian." Or,"He drives a Beemer." Or,"He's a son of a Datuk. You should go out with him." Datuk kepala hotak kau.

Ha ha ha I sounded angry, didn't I? No I'm not.

I find it amusing, entertaining and tickling whenever these kind of situations encountered me.

Another thing is, sometimes these people, they think they're smart already, they think if they read every fucking newspapers in the world, they are smart or intelligent. The fact is, they are trying too hard to look smart they end up looking more stupid. Why the fuck do you have to read the same thing? And do not forget Harian Metro: Akhbar Tidak Bertamadun.

What the fuck wei? If you want to improve yourself just do it and shut the fuck up. It's better for you to share with other people what you've read, rather than tell people you read every fucking thing on earth and yet you're still weak and lame whenever you deliver stories. Well read this: FUCK OFF, POSERS!

Shit this is getting way out of my topic. Which is fine by me ha ha ha. I'm always out of topic, always everywhere and ended up nowhere. I'm twisted. Shit, is that a good thing?

Some people can be ignorant and just go for Hardware. Too bad.

Very few people, will look deeper than that, Software. Potential. Possibility.

Choose, whether to be someone and make a difference or surrender yourself to self-chosen ignorance.

Dem yuh!

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