Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Passion in Fashion

A flashback.

This picture was taken by April Kuan from Juice magazine back in January 2007 during the celebration of Nike Air Force One's XXV Anniversary Party (pictures at HERE!). It was appeared on the Editor's Note picture for Juice Magazine issue February/March 2007 if I'm not mistaken. Ha ha ha thanks April!

They say fashion is temporary, STYLE is FOREVER.
(Brother Kieren on the left with his OG Supreme tee)

The fiber cast artwork was done by my boy, Izat Arif and coincidentally matched with my favourite shoes at the moment, the Nike Court Force Premium x Gimme 5 (Gimme 5 is/was a sneaker shop in the UK). And, the infamous graffiti artist The Killer Gerbil a.k.a KGB tagged my cast there and then! Mad!

It was about 3 months or so after I got hit by the car thingy (check HERE for better understanding).

Broken leg didn't stop me from doing what I love. How about you ladies and gentlemen?

Dem yuh!

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