Monday, July 6, 2009

Life's a roaller coaster?

I know most of you, if not all must have heard of the above phrase (but without the 'question mark').

Too cliche.



No. I mean, whatever.

Let me speak my mind.

Many people, in fact if I could put it this way, my late grandmother (God rest her soul peacefully) would understand this metaphor. Simple.

Roller coaster; slow when they starts up the high-point, fast when it goes down, brakes, upside-down through the loops, corners and curves, bla bla bla.

That is what people mostly understand when they came to this phrase. Which is normal. I mean, normal as in it's what expected of a normal human to think. Which is good.

Somehow, I discovered, that my definition of "Life is a roller coaster" goes slightly more than that. Well, I agree on the concept of Roller Coaster - the fast-slow, up-down thing. But what I feel is missing in the key point of that concept is it's created, or made, in such way.

Don't quite get it?

Okay, you see, it is a norm that a roller coaster should be designed with those components to have such impact when people rides it. These people, whenever they heard of 'roller coaster' instantly they can imagine these components. That's their first impression. The structures of the track - big loops, steep downhill, sharp corners, fast, etc.

Now, you can see there are at least three categories of people whenever it comes to this 'roller coaster' thing. I have no idea how many categories are there outside, I'm sure there will be more but I wish to write only three.

Category 1:
They won't ride it no matter what, unless you put them on anasthaetic or chain them up, stuff their mouth with a bunch of socks and get ready to get peed on. These people will not want to experience it, they would not embrace anything before, during and after. They will always feel that people force them, thus it's a waste of time and nothing will change their minds even after everything. They shut themselves off from ideas, and improvements.

Category 2:
They will try their best to avoid the experience, giving lame excuses such as I am paranoid of height or this is not my cup of tea (fuck you with your tea). Unless, you sit Megan Fox besides them (this goes to both guys and girls - I mean, Megan Fox right? Both genders would definitely do her) so they would ACT as if they are up for it. They don't want to lose face. It's called EGO. Rabbits need carrot. Most of the time, BIG carrots.

Category 3:
This last category is a category where these people would not say NO. They may know or may not know why they're up for the challenge, but challenge is what keep them moving and mature. They see the course as a short track of life, where many things can happen and roller coasters have different courses throughout the entire world so the more courses they ride, the more ideas they have in life. Be absolutely ridiculous, or be absolutely boring.

Now I want to write about my liberated idea.

Whenever I ride a roller coaster, I see many things. And whenever I am on the sideline and watch other people ride on the roller coaster, I see more things.

You stay inside, you see one perspective. You stay outside, you'll see more perspectives. Right? But both, are equally important.

What's important to me, is that whenever I see life is a roller coaster, I see the emotions of people on the ride. That's how I see it. Some shouts, some cries, some freezes, some laughs, so many emotions. And believe me, if you like to go on roller coaster ride like I do, the feeling will not be the same. I mean, unless you go on the same course.

But still, if you go on the same course alone, it'll be different. If you go with your friends, you'll feel different. If you go with your love one, of course it'll be a whole lot different.

Whatever it is that you feel, it brings a different meaning. Just imagine the roller coaster course is the journey you're on now. Not the whole thing. Just when you're on a rough time or challenge, just imagine.

Imagine if you're on the roller coaster, and you'll be facing the journey, how would you react? How would you live the moment, and get through with it? Are you going to shut your feelings? Close your eyes? Scream your lungs out?

Imagine if you're off the roller coaster, seeing other people on it, what do you see? How would you feel?

I am different from others. Or at least, I'd like to look at myself that way. I am sometimes considered as an over-sensitive person, but purely because I'm a thinker. I think about so many things. Every feelings has its own value to it. You just have to master it and make use of it in a positive way. At the end of the day, you'll be the grand master. Correct me if I'm wrong.

It's beautiful, if you look at it that way

And such a wonderful thing, when you realized that the idea is not to just want the journey to over, but to embrace and live the moment, while you're at it.

I'm back. Dem yuh!


Joe Alif said...

People live and people die , but it seems tragic life or difficulties in cruising your way through it makes you more realize that life is like a roller coaster . There’s ups and downs through it and no matter what at the end of the day you will still arrived at some point where the journey tells us all.

You might be happy when youre on top,might be sad when youre hangging on the loop.Time will tell .

Thats a lil bit of me.Nice post by the way.

Fazliana said...

nice blabs. welcome back. hehe

Budak Nakal said...

It's all good in the hood.

Joe: Sometimes it knocks you down, so get up even if it knocks you down again.

Fazz: I will hit back with a better comeback! Don't forget my Paul Smith or my Vivienne Westwood!

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