Monday, July 20, 2009

Insiden berdarah lagi

No this incident is neither Bala nor me. But this one is rather interesting, and I think I should share. Sharing is caring, it leads to fucking, no?

After we got back from a night-out last Saturday night, we decided to go and stuffed our empty stomach at Spicy, Hartamas. Just after a few minutes, not even settled down with the orders, suddenly there's a bunch of motorcyclists a.k.a street thugs shouting and causing some unpleasant noise. Then we saw a guy, running away from the group.

"Woi, jangan lari!!!"

The guy, seemed to me, will be in a hell lot of trouble. But it was too quick, he turned around back and tried to run again but......

In the blink on an eye, I think about 20 of the street thugs went crazy beating this poor lad. Macam lalat hurung taik.

Split seconds.

Everyone was stunned.

It went about a minute. Then all of them left.

Silence. Shocked.

I left my table and walked to that guy.

Blood every-fucking-place.

Gosh, deep wound. Must be at least 10 stitches.

I called the police, and waited for them.

That guy is a Korean, I reckoned. He was confused and couldn't answer anything properly. Must be the lost of blood. I helped him stop the blood, and wiped his thick optical glasses that was covered with blood. (I said THICK OPTICAL GLASSES because he looked like a geek I don't know why he was beated)

Police came after 20 bloody minutes this poor lad could die already. Then have to wait for ambulance some more. Wahlau wei???!!!

Blood Party...

I left the crime scene after the situation was under the police control. To my table and eat.

Well, shit happens. I've seen many things, I even experienced a plenty. Not a good sight though. Life goes on, pity that guy. Next time, be more careful, you never know what's going to happen to you in the future. Buy guns.

Blood in, blood out.

Dem yuh!

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