Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Prologue: Counselor In-Mobile (Kem)

I just started another project last week. This time with a consultant company. Well, I am actually involved directly with this consultant team, though I am, undeniably the smallest or the tiniest in terms of my experience and influence (not my dick). This is because the other team members consist of my highly respectable uncle who I will after this be calling him as Kem (as in 'camp' but without the 'p') as the principle, Uncle Khairuddin who is high-profile marketing extraordinaire, Mr Jamil is a corporate finance savvy and my cousin (Kem's youngest son) Jojo as the business analyst. And my humble self.

It is really awkward you see, all of them are on a different level than me. Even Jojo, who is 32-year-old now, who I really look up to whenever we did any projects together, is considered the most inexperienced and freshie to them. So you know where I stand now.

Worry not, I am well aware of this situation, I know my position as the youngest of the youngest, the ultimate inexperienced and zero influence. But that doesn't mean I can't learn anything and be as good as they are now, no?

Right now I'm just started on the simplest things; familiarising the business nature, data digestion, getting used to numbers and statistics, numbers again, business proposals, official letters, meetings, numbers, numbers and never stops.

So, what project is this?

I can't really tell here. I don't know if it's P&C. But what I can tell you is that we're providing consultation to this client of ours (I will call the client MV) for this one project. It's a PFI (Private Finance Initiative) project, worth about RM170,000,000/year.

Too many zeros? Okay, 170 million per year.

No, we're not getting that money, you crazy. It's the client. MV is proposing to the Ministry (I will call it MOH), to buy everything manage their assets in the southern region (Johor, Malacca, Negri Sembilan).


You see, the thing with the Government is, whenever something is wrong somewhere be it machine broke-down or anything related to their assets, you have to file a report, then send to some departments. Then from department to another to another until the matter gets to the minister and you still have to wait for the approval bla bla bla. Then wait for two months.

This is what we call BUREAUCRACY.

So this PFI made things faster, and easier for the Government. See, what we're doing for MV is that we structure a proposal to buy-out all of these assets and equipments from MOH. Then after that, the Government doesn't need to go through all these silly things. They just have to pay the service to MV every month, instead of maintaining their assets and equipments, which they suck at. So after this when something needs to be done, MV will straight away fix it and then bill it to the Government later, so they don't have to wait to repair anything important if you know what I mean. Other than that the Government will have to pay a fixed monthly service charge to MV. Easy.

What I am trying to say here is that, besides being a business development officer, I am also the runner for this company, to send letters, to send Kem to appointments etc (mentang-mentang lah gua paling junior). But it's all right, I believe that if I wanna be really good, I have to start from scratch. I've always believed that. Plus, Kem is a maestro at what he does. And he's my father's elder brother. What's there not to listen to?

So this time whenever I send Kem anywhere, I will ask him something. Anything. About business, economy, life, money, passion, anything. In fact, I've sent him two times already and yes I managed to learn something.

What have I learned?

Next time.

This is why it's called, Prologue: Counselor In-Mobile.

Dem yuh!

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