Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Why does everyone own an iPhone?

One of five is not that bad

Dem yuh!


hiddie said...


youre the only one person who gets what i have been yapping about. everyone around me is all loco about this stupid phone.

iphone is whack yo!its just sad how people are easily blinded by the brand, really.

Budak Nakal said...

Don't let me start on this hiddie. Reason why I just posted a picture with no much saying is exactly the point of 'no point talking'.

Start a petition and tell Steve Jobs to use his brain!

hiddie said...

the picture speaks a thousand words.

btw, Steve Jobs is just doing his job. and i must say hes pretty damn good at it. its the buyers that im upset about.

to those who has seen the picture but still wants to have one, i have 3 words for ya:

youre freakin stupid!


Budak Nakal said...


Ahmad said...

demyuh!! we get ur point n u said it right! haha!

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