Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Albino Pigeon is coming to town!

Last year, 2008, marked the release of New Balance 575 "Purple Pigeon". It created so much hype as Jeff Staple, the main brain behind Staple Design who designed the shoe cleverly use PIGEON as his marketing tool. New York = Pigeon. Really?

Hi, my name is Jeff C. Ng. Call me Mr. Staple

The New Yorkers love us now even if we be shitting on them everyday

I didn't buy it, though I kinda like the color combination and the materials used on that pair. I still can get it still, there's some resellers who I can talk to and persuade to sell to me at a good price. We'll see, Hari Raya Aidilfitri is coming soon after all.

This year, Jeff is coming back with the "ever-creative, out-of-the-box, hypebeast-mentality, over-used idea" of making more money without even have to think too much. I admire that, to be honest. And I don't know why people are rambling about the hardships of making easy money. Nonsensical ignorant.

"As you can see, so much effort and creativity were put in designing this pair of shoes which I can humbly say a 'breakthrough' in sneakers industry........... (I'm a few million dollars richer next week!)"

What did he came up with? Rarer pigeon, or very rare species of animal in general, of genetically mutated. Albino. Yes, albino pigeon. Well, he called them the "White Pigeon" but it's not gonna change the fact that these unfortunate pigeons are albinos.

At last, we've got our freedom and equality among pigeons!

Same model (New Balance 575), probably same materials, and a lot of hard work to choose the best color and sell 1,077 pairs (with I'm sure there another couple of thousands in their store, marked as 'samples' or 'for Friends & Family' or 'I wanna make more money, so what?!')

Actually, Nike was the first
to get their hands into this pigeon craze with their own Nike Dunk SB x Staple Design "Purple Pigeon" or "New York SB", as we knew caused a stir in New York upon its release in 2007. Yes, pimps and gangstas fought over a few pairs of shoes. I heard there were 200++ pairs released, but again, who knows?

I don't know pigeons and their shits worth this much

OG? You kiddin' me?

Anyhow, our good friends at SOLE WHAT? are really generous and fortunate to have the opportunity to release these 'physically-challenged' pigeons to our beloved Kuala Lumpur. Seriously, SOLE WHAT? is one of the leading sneaker stores in South East Asia region. Big ups to the cool dudes/dudette there.

One big happy family

Yes, they will be releasing the New Balance 575 x Staple Design "Albino/White Pigeon" this weekend, if I'm not mistaken. For more info, you can check the details from their official blog. Click SOLE WHAT?

I kinda like this pair too, you know. Feels like I'm 'whiter' if I wear them. We all wanna be WHITE, don't we?

Dem yuh!

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