Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sad Sunday Evenin' Blues.

I don't really know what to write today, since I have tonnes of works to be done. Just because it's Sunday, and I love Butterfingers, so the title sounds perfect.

Demm I can't find the video or mp3 for this song. It's by Butterfingers on their Butter Late Than Never album. Go find them and listen. I'm in the office right now, doing some works so I can go back early on the weekdays throughout Ramadhan. I have some fantastic plans for me. Will only reveal the result after Aidilfitri.

Butterfingers - Sad Sunday Evenin' Blues

I'm lacking self esteem
Thought you were sowing the seeds
A banker flew over me
Too bad I didn't become one
And I say


Sad Sunday Evening
Boy I cry healing my sins
I've had enough of fake n' funny faces
And now it's your turn to receive mine


And while my pillow sleeps
You oughta move out your shine
Life's so impatient
Do too much
You trip
As long as there's music
We'll be free


Make money
Make money
Show off
Your fashionable
It wasn't our fault to be born as a gift
There's only one god
I believe in




Hik hik hik...

Dem yuh!

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