Monday, August 10, 2009

Malaysia: Short + Sweet

No no no I'm not gonna fucking start on 1Malaysia or Malaysia Boleh(blah!) or anything related to that. Bollock doctrins!

Well last Saturday night I went to KLPac for Short & Sweet Malaysia 2009. What is that? Google you fucking ignorant!

Happened to know that a few of my friends are involved (shout out to the awesome Syatirah Syafran!), and my cousin Jojo (I'm all about cousins and family, yeah) gave me some complimentary tickets. Well, not that I don't wanna pay or anything, but we're involved in this event as well so I think we deserved a few comps, no?

Anyway, reached the place a bit late, 9-ish. Goddamn traffics. Show started already. I went in on the fourth play. Not foreplay. I wished.

Overall it was really nice. It's short about 10 minutes for each play, and there were 10 plays in total. And it's sweet.

Good thing about this theater is that, especially this particular show, they have 10 plays with different directions, different feelings and different-different lah! One time you laugh, the next you think, next play you sad, next you laugh and cry, next you angry, you know. It's beautiful, how people interpret and deliver an idea, provoke thoughts, and whatnot.

I'm not too deep to talk about this, but all in all, I enjoyed it very much.

I'm looking forward to the Week 2 show this Saturday.

For more info, click HERE. <- THERE, not HERE.

Short & Sweet should not be, in any way, associated with MAN. We hate those two words!

Dem yuh!

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