Thursday, August 6, 2009

It Is Time.

Four in the morning
My heart's still mourning
Lying on this empty bed
Like a living dead.

(Girl) Maybe you don't know
(Girl) Maybe I don't show
What my heart feels
How my love kills.

I love your rosewood smell
And when you dress to impress
There's something I wanna tell
I want all of you and nothing else.

But now, I have to deny
The feelings I have for you
Coz someone else will cry
If he knows the truth.

It's time to let that love die
It means you get to bid goodbye.

It's true.


Wrote this a few mornings ago. I couldn't sleep, so many things went through my already-messed-up mind. It's always have to be like this. Does it always have to be like this?

Dem yuh!

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