Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Soul in Asylum

No, not the Band.

I'm not proud to tell you guys that I just watched the film Changeling, starring Angelina Jolie, John Malkovich, Jeffrey Donovan and the others. Well, of course there's "others", they can't be three actors only in a movie. Anyway, it's never too late for anything, you just have to do it.

That film. Wow, I would say. One very fine film. It was based on true story about a lady, Christine Collins (Angelina Jolie) who suddenly found her son, Walter is missing after she came back home from work. Then blah blah blah long story about two hours. There's a very interesting story in it.

The interesting part in that movie: when Christine was sent to psychopathic ward by the order from Captain Jones (Donovan).

Shit man that plot is really an eye-opener. Imagine this scenario:

Something happens to you. Say, your son is missing. After a few months, the police tells you that they found your son and is on the way back to you. Your heart are filled with blossoming joy, only to realize that he's not your son. It gets more complicated and confusing when the boy claims he is your son and the police says he's yours too. They insist/force you to take that boy home "on a trial basis", meaning to get you and the boy used to it and it may help build the bond again. Like, WTF?

You, as a father or mother, should be very sure if the boy is or not yours, more to evidences like your "new son" is shorter by four inches than last few months, and is circumcised. Scary shit.

When you go to the police, telling them they made a mistake, the police tells you that you are delusional, or crazy. You get upset, you yell to them out of frustration and the police sends you to mental institution. Thing is, you are perfectly normal, and that boy is not your son anyway. WTF times two.

Now, the more interesting part: The Mental Institution.

Shit man if you're being sent to that place, you'll go crazy anyway. I mean, it's so depressing that place is; if you laugh or smile or joyous they'll say you are delusional or schizophrenic, if you don't eat of scream or cry they'll say you are hysteric and depressed. Either way you are crazy. They force you to take pills that claimed to "make you relax and calm" actually those pills reduces your ability to think or act because they want to tame you and make you more stupid, so that you won't do anything stupid and keep them busy.

The only way you can get out of that place is to sign a paper which you have to admit that the boy IS YOUR SON and you're not thinking straight and it was your mistake. Fucked up, right? How the fuck can you admit to that, when he's NOT YOUR SON?! And when you starts to act aggressively, they send you to this horrible room where they will do some electric-shock procedure on you so that you won't do it again, as a lesson.

If, you decides to sign the paper just to get out of that hell because you think you can go and report it to the newspaper or anyone, think again. No one would actually believe you because you've signed the paper and they'll think you're really crazy. Then you'll be fucked up, and thrown into that hell again, this time you might stuck there for a long, long, long time, if not until you are dead. Otherwise you sign the paper, get out and live a lie, with your fake son and pretend nothing happened.

How terrible is that? Suddenly it reminds me of how we're living now. How the country, the world is being ruled by these moronic, corrupted, deceiving fascists that tells us this is how you will live your lives and you can't question us, we're the one who decides on how you should live and to be the law, we have to be above the law bullshits. Fuck man, just because you didn't do your work, you don't wanna admit your mistakeS (with big S meaning they're a bunch of aSSholeS), you hide the truth and nothing else matters to you as long as you can be re-elected on the next campaign.

A pick of your soul

Don't let people tell you what to do and how you should live your life. Don't let people own your soul for a temporary happiness or pleasure. Please don't let other people hold your freedom to do what you want to do. No one is better than the others, only your faith to God.

Ladies and gentlemen, please, PLEASE, do not let your soul jailed and locked in asylum.

Dem yuh!

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