Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tell Me.

Enjoy or don't bother reading.


If I tell you that I like you
What would you do?
Tell me that you like me too
Or ask me to turn around and shoo?

If I tell you that you're always in my mind
Would you say I'm off my line?
Would you deny me one chance
To take your hands for a dance?

I wanna call and text you all the time
And ask you if your day's being fine
And meet you whenever I want to
Listen to you until the night is through

So tell me am I not worth a shot?
Do you only find rockstars 'hot'?
Coz I don't think I wanna be one
I prefer to be the young guns

I'm not a rockstar, no
I can't even play the piano
I don't know how to compose a song
But for you (girl) I'll try day and night long

Are you not interested in me still?
Or your heart's as hard as a steel?
Am I not cute enough to melt you?
Like a hot fudgy chocolate fondue

No, there's nothing special about me
I can't offer you money trees
I'm just me, the next-door guy
But I can say I'm pretty fly

It's true.


Yes this is so effing true. I wrote this last night before I went asleep, while I was trying hard to get some sleep.

I don't know why, but don't you think most people, well, boys or girls, they always have some thing with "rockstars". Especially girls. Yes, I can totally understand that; girls like boys who possess some kind of skills, be it music, or art, or photography, or sports, or racing, or anything. They find it sexy or appealing.

But guys, they just want girls who are hot. It doesn't matter if she's a teacher or a freaking astronaut. True.

To me, what I find the sexiest thing is the mind. A girl with brain. Looks come in between, not second. If you can find a beautiful woman with a beautiful mind, gosh that's multiple orgasm in both ways.

Have you found it?

Found what?

Beautiful woman with a beautiful mind?

Yes, in fact I can say that all my previous relationships with women, they all shared these fair amount of traits.

Then why are you still single?

It didn't work out.

You mean, you failed?

It didn't work out! That's two different thing. And you, please stop using negative expression, it's bad for your self-esteem. Always look into the positive way. It didn't work out, I don't have to explain here.

Dem yuh!


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Budak Nakal said...

Thanks. It's a true story somehow it will get to the hearts of the hopeless lovers.

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