Thursday, August 13, 2009

Work until you die.

My stories are getting more and more boring. I'm either write about love, or poem, melancholic stuff oh shit I feel like puking.

I wanna write more about other stuff. About life, about what I think. But it's time consuming. I'm so freaking busy right now, I have tonnes of ongoing and incoming projects. Yes, yes, yesterday had a short meeting with the Boss. No his name is not Sivaji, but close. I've written down our current interests and works in progress. Damn, 12 projects in line. I'm dead.

Well, it's a good thing for you lah, fucker!

You have no idea. Those 12 projects are only for one of the bosses I'm working with now. I have four bosses. No shit. I am working on a project now in Johor Bharu. Starting next week I'll have to stay there until Aidilfitri. In between the whole month there, I will have to go back and forth KL-JB-KL-JB whenever I'm needed. Hopefully, a day before Aidilfitri I'll have my time to balik kampung. That also, because I'm needed to be the manager for breaking-fast-barbeque session at kampung. Last time it was my elder brother and the elder cousins' time. Now it's me, Shaq and a few more younger cousins. Gotta score an unforgettable impression!

~Your chef is on fiyahh!~

On the side note, this weekend I'll be organising CIMB CLUB Performance Car of The Year 2009. We had the same thing last year. Check out an awesome short clip I recorded HERE! Gonna wreck those machines again woot woot!

This year will definitely be better. At Sepang Circuit some more!

Dem yuh!

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